Visa on Arrival Countries for Indians & Importance of Insurance

Many Indians shy away from travelling abroad because of the perceived uncertainties in the visa application. However, as many countries offer Visa on Arrival Countries or eVisa provisions, you can complete all the necessary documents once you reach the foreign shore. 

You must submit some documents and pay the necessary fees to get full access to the country you are seeing with your loved ones.

Countries Offering Visa on Arrival to Indians: 

In 2022, many countries were offering Visas on Arrival to Indian citizens. All the travelable countries are listed below.

Visa on Arrival Countries


An archipelago of 500 islands, It is a part of the Micronesia region in the Pacific Ocean. In terms of tourism, the country offers many opportunities for scuba diving and snorkelling.

Best time to visit Palau:

The best time to visit Palau is June to August. At this time of the year, the temperatures are moderate, and it is pleasant to explore the country. 

Palau Visa for Indians: 

  • Type of Visa  Visa on Arrival
  • Duration  30 days (extendable twice for 30 days each) 
  • Cost of Travel Insurance—A Palau travel insurance plan from Digit starts at Rs.380 and covers an adult with a coverage of $50,000. 


Bolivia, a country in Central South America, has many tourist attractions. The country has six World Heritage Sites. In addition, the government has many highlands and lowlands, which are excellent and famous for trekking. 

Best time to visit Bolivia:

The perfect time to visit Bolivia is between April and October. A dry climate means sapphire skies and pleasant places to explore. 

Bolivia Visa for Indians:

  • Visa Type Visa on Arrival
  • Duration   30 Days 
  • Cost   Rs.7078.82 
  • Travel Insurance Cost   From Digits Bolivia, a travel insurance plan for adults with $50,000 coverage starts from Rs.380.


Cambodia offers visas on arrival to Indians. Although it is a small country, it has much to offer tourists. From its rich history and heritage to its impressive natural scenery, the government is a popular tourist destination for people worldwide. 

Best time to visit:

Between November and April, Cambodia experiences very little rainfall. Therefore, tourists can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and visit various places. 

Cambodia Visa for Indians:

  • Visa Type   Visa on Arrival Countries for Indian Passport Holders 
  • Duration  Up to 30 days 
  • Visa Cost Rs.9678.82 
  • Travel Insurance Cost – The Cambodia travel insurance plan for adults with $50,000 coverage starts at Rs.378.


Consisting of 115 coral and granite islands, Seychelles is a paradise for travellers. Apart from the impressive beaches and coastline, the country is home to rare wildlife. It also offers a variety of adventure activities for you to explore. 

Best time to visit:

The perfect time to visit Seychelles is April to October. The country’s cool and dry climate during these months makes it ideal for tourists.

Seychelles Visa for Indians: 

  • Visa Type Visa on Arrival countries
  • Duration  Valid for up to 3 months. 
  • Cost 21 US Dollars 
  • Travel Insurance Cost—A Seychelles travel insurance plan for an adult starts from Rs.380 and covers $50,000.

Sri Lanka: 

Sri Lanka is the best travel destination for Indians. It is called the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, and this island nation offers many lovely beaches, exquisite cuisine and a rich cultural heritage to enjoy with friends or family. 

Best time to visit Sri Lanka:

May to September and December to March—The best time to visit the northern and eastern parts of the country is between May and September. However, if you want to go to the southern coast or the western parts of the neighbouring country, December to March is the best time because of the pleasant weather conditions. 

Sri Lanka Visa for Indians: 

  • Visa Type Sri Lanka offers e-Visa to Indian passport holders. 
  • Duration up to 30 days
  • Cost  Approx. Rs. 1450 per person. 
  • Travel Insurance Cost—A Sri Lanka travel insurance plan for an adult starts at Rs.378 and covers $50,000.


Jordan is located near the Red Sea and the Dead Sea; Indians can obtain visas on arrival in Jordan. The country’s natural attractions are impressive, and you should also stop and learn about the fascinating history of the destination. 

Best time to visit:

The perfect time to visit is the spring, i.e., March to May. Temperatures are moderately cool, allowing for a pleasant exploration of the country’s attractions. 

Jordan Visa for Indians:

  • Visa Type Visa on Arrival countries for Indians
  • Duration  Up to 30 days 
  • Cost  $56 (Rs 4,000 approx) 
  • Travel Insurance Cost—Jordan’s adult travel insurance plan starts at Rs 378 and provides $50,000 coverage. 


Home to beautiful beaches, Thailand is a favourite among Indian travellers of all ages. The climate is lovely throughout the year, allowing viewers to enjoy whatever activity they have planned during the trip. Another thing to try while in the country is the mouth-watering delicacies of the nation. 

Best time to visit Thailand:

November to April: By planning your vacation to the country during these months, you can enjoy the best weather conditions when Thailand is calm and relatively dry.

Importance of buying travel insurance for international trips 

When you have chosen your travel destination, take some time to choose a good travel insurance policy. It is a significant step for international travel. Listed below are some valid reasons why getting insurance is exceptionally important on such trips: 

Provides safety in the unknown:

When you travel internationally, you may encounter many unexpected and unfortunate events. Seeking help at such a time can be difficult due to unfamiliar terrain, language and culture. 

Although a travel insurance policy cannot prevent such unfortunate situations, it can help you cope financially. These plans can provide the financial support you need. 

Personal Liability Cover:

 If you accidentally cause harm to a person or property during your trip abroad, you are financially responsible for said harm. For example, you rent a bike on vacation to tour a specified country. 

During the trip, you will encounter an accident that could damage the vehicle. Without a travel insurance plan, you may have to pay for bike or car repairs out of your pocket. However, with a policy, your insurer bears the liability on your behalf. 

Mandatory for some countries:

Some international destinations do not give you any choice when getting travel cover for your vacation. To visit these countries, you must show travel insurance documents before entering the country.

You must purchase travel insurance before visiting Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland and Denmark. 

Provides medical coverage during trips:

Whether you have health insurance in India or not, you should plan for medical emergencies while travelling abroad. Most domestic policies limit their cover within the borders of India.

Hence, when you step outside the country, you are exposed to financial liability for any serious medical condition. A travel insurance plan can prevent unexpected expenses in case of sudden health care needs in a foreign country. 

Depending on your destination, this provision in travel policies can help you save a significant portion of your travel budget.

Note: Visa on Arrival Countries requirements vary from country to country. Please ensure you check all passport and visa requirements on the official website of the particular government before making any travel bookings.


How many countries have Indian visas upon arrival? 

According to the 2023 Henley Passport Index, there are 59 countries that Indians can travel to without a prior visa. 

Which country is visa stronger? 

According to the 2023 Henley Passport Index, Japan has the most powerful passport in the whole world. 

Do I have to pay for a visa on arrival?

 Visa-on-arrival regulations differ from one country to another. Some countries allow you to obtain a visa without a fee, while others may charge a predetermined amount for a visa on arrival. You must check this before arranging a trip to the country. 

What happens if my visa expires? 

Some countries allow applicants to apply for an extended visa if they fail to finish their work before the expiry date. However, to do so, you may need additional funds.

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