How to register a company in Tamil Nadu?

Suppose you want to register your Company in Tamil Nadu after starting your own Company. In that case, this article is the right choice. Registration is very important for a new company to get legal protection and other benefits. Read this article to learn about the registration process and other details.

Why is it important to register a company in Tamil Nadu?

register a company

Starting a new business alone or with a partner is always hectic. The important step while starting a business in Tamil Nadu is to register a company. Some of the benefits you get from registering the Company are,

  • The registration gives legal security in future.
  • It increases the Company’s credibility that the owner is serious about the business. It attracts customers, suppliers, investors and many more to the Company.
  • This helps to increase access to funding from banks or investors.
  • You can get tax benefits after registering the Company in Tamil Nadu. After registration, the tax can be reduced, and you can get other exemptions.
  • It gives the brand protection, like the logo and the brand identity.

Types of company registration:

There are several kinds of company registration in India. You must register a company in Tamil Nadu to get legal protection and other benefits. This registration has been done under the Company Act 2013. There are seven kinds of registrations, and you should choose the right type.

  • Private Limited Registration
  • Public Limited Registration
  • Partnership company registration
  • Limited Liability Registration
  • One person registration
  • Sole Proprietorship Registration
  • Section 8 Company registration

Benefits of company registration:

There are many benefits to registering a company in Tamil Nadu. The following are some benefits a business owner can get after starting their Company.

  • After the Company’s registration, the government will recognize the Company and improve.. the chances for development.
  • Perpetual Succession, where the Company has its existence even if the directors change.
  • This limits the liability of the organization.
  • You can make free transactions and payments.
  • Registration of a company means owning a property.
  • After the Company’s registration, the owners can sue and be sued.
  • It increases the trust in the Company.
  • After registration, you can make a dual relationship with other companies.

Documents required:

The following documents are required to submit to register a company in Tamil Nadu. They are,

  • PAN card of the director and shareholders.
  • Passport for International applicants.
  • ID proof
  • Address proof of directors and shareholders.
  • Passport size photo
  • Business address proof
  • No Objection Certificate from the owner of the building.
  • If it is rented, then the rent agreement.

Procedure to register a company in Tamil Nadu:

You must follow the following steps to register a company in Tamil Nadu. Registration of a company gives credibility and legal security. There are certain rules and regulations for company registration given by The Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The procedure is,

  • First, apply for the Digital Signature Certificate and then apply for the Direct Identification Number (DIN).
  • You must select three names for your Company and submit the names to the MCA. MCA has the chance to select any of the names for the Company.
  • Please complete the MOA and AOA correctly and submit them with the required documents.
  • Now, apply for the PAN and TAN to register the Company.
  • Along with PAN and TAN, RoC grants the certificate of incorporation.
  • Then, open the bank account under the company name and submit any documents requested.


After you decide to start your own Company or partnered Company, it is important to register a company. Not only in Tamil Nadu, it also gives many benefits to registering after starting a company. There are many registration kinds: private, public, limited liability, etc. This article gives you great information about the registration process.


What is meant by the Company’s registration? 

Registering a company means getting the Company’s legal rights, which is important when starting a new company.

What are the different types of company registration?

There are seven kinds of company registration: Private Limited registration, Public Limited Registration, Partnership registration, Limited Liability, person registration, Sole Proprietorship, and Section 8 company.

Under which act can a person register the Company?

The owner of the Company can register their Company under the Company Act 2013.

What is the first step while registering a company?

The first step is to apply for a Digital Signature Certificate and Direct Identification Number.

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