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This article provides all the information regarding the Legal Heir certificate online, how to get a Legal heir certificate and apply for a legal heir certificate, status, download, etc.

It is very important to transfer the assets from demise to their heirs if a family member suddenly death. It creates a relationship between the demise and their heir, a required document.

This Certificate is also called a Succession certificate issued by the government to decide on an asset or property’s legal owner when the owner’s sudden demise.

Apply for a legal heir certificate


  • It will indicate a successor’s rights to claim the demised person’s properties.
  • With the legal heir, all eligibility will transfer to the successor to claim any demised person’s property.
  • Spouse of demise person.
  • Children of demise person.
  • Parents of demise person.

Documents Required


  • Mainly to transfer properties and assets of the demised person to their family members.
  • Claim insurance.
  • Process the pension of the demised person to their family.
  • Get dues like provident fund, gratuity, etc., from the government.
  • To get salary arrears from the demise person’s state or central government employer.
  • Get employment that is on compassionate appointments.
e-district portal of Kerala

Apply for a Legal heir by approaching Kerala’s area tahsildar, municipality office, and district-level civil courts.

  • The person visits the municipality, the tahsildar, or maybe the district-level court.
  • Then they need to take the application form.
  • Now fill out the application carefully with complete details.
  • Then you need to attach all the required documents to the application form.
  • Submit that application form by self-declaration or may from the affidavit.
  • Then the revenue department inspects you and completes their inquiry.
  • After completing the inquiry, the authorized officer will give you the certificate.
  • The duration taken to get is 30 days from authorized officers.
  • You must visit the revenue division officer or sub-collector if you find unnecessary delays.

Following is the process to register and apply for a certificate online mode:

  • The applicant needs to visit their respective e-district portal of their Kerala state.
  • The application needs to register in the e-district portal.
  • If you have already registered, click on the login option by entering your username and password.
  • Then the new user can register by clicking on the new portal user creation link on the home page.
  • Enter all your information, including your mobile number and aadhar card number.
  • The applicant must log in by entering the user name and password.
  • Applicants need to log in to the Kerala e-district portal by clicking here.
  • Applicants need to select the “apply for certificate” option.
  • Then applicant needs to select the E-district registration number of a person.
  • You must choose ” the certificate’s purpose and other details.”
  • Then click on the save option.
  • Now applicant needs to attach all the required documents to that application form.
Kerala e-district
  • Make a payment online and keep safe that paid receipt for future purposes.
  • Finally, submit the application form.
  • The revenue department officers will come to inquire and inspect completely.
  • After completing inspections, they will provide you with the certificate within 30 days.
Application Form of Legal Heir Certificate Kerala
  • The applicant first needs to log in to the e-district portal of Kerala state.
  • Then select the transaction history option.
  • Select “from date” and “to date.”
  • Click on the go option.
  • Finally, click on the view status option to track your status.
Track Legal Heir
  • The applicant first needs to log in to the e-district portal of Kerala state.
  • Then select the transaction history option.
  • Select “from date” and “to date.”
  • Click on the go option.
  • Finally, click on the view status option to track your status.
  • The status will display as approved.
  • Finally, select the print option to download.
Kerala e-district portal Contact Details
  • Email: edistrict.ksitm@kerala.gov.in
  • Phone: 0471 2525444
  • Address: Vrindavan Gardens, Saankethika, near EPF Office, Pattom P.O, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695004


How important is a legal heir certificate?

It is a document that proves a deceased person’s relationship with the other family members. After the death of a family member, their legal heirs need to have an heir certificate.

What is the cost of a legal heir certificate in India?

If you want the issuance of a legal heir to be received, you have to pay ₹2 to buy a stamp and ₹20 to buy stamp paper for the affidavit to be done.

Who are the legal heirs of a father?

According to Hindu Law, when a Hindu male dies intestate, his property is devolved upon his class-I legal heirs: Mother, Widow, Son, and Daughter.

Does a nominee require a legal heir certificate?

A succession certificate will be required to acquire movable or immovable property by the legal heir in their name.

What is the use of a legal heir certificate in India?

This certificate helps you claim your right to the property and assets of the deceased.

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