MP Bhulekh – Khasra Khatouni, Land Records and Geo Map

Madhya Pradesh’s government introduced a digital portal, MP Bhulekh, to check the state citizens’ land records. Madhya Pradesh can view the Khatouni, Khasra, and land maps through the online portal.

Before the MP Bhulekh portal, the government maintained all the property records, Jamabandi, etc., done on paper or file. Still, this portal keeps all the records online instead of the manual process. The Revenue Board of Madhya Pradesh launched MP Bhulekh.

All the state citizens can know their measles, Geo map, application form, village list, land classification report, crop details, etc. This portal will also save much time for everyone who has land-related work.

MP Bhulekh portal

Benefits of Bhulekh MP

  • People of MP now do not need to make rounds of Tehsil and Patwari offices for land-related issues.
  • Land Mafia is controlled by using the Bhulekh portal.
  • The portal helps eradicate corruption happening in society.
  • People can view their records, land maps, and related land information by sitting at any place.
  • The government is not charging for using the online portal.
  • People often visit the offices, but now, using Bhulekh MP Land-related work is simple and saves time.
  • Citizens can update their information anytime through the Bhulekh portal.

MP land record:

With the help of the MP Bhulekh portal, the MP land owner can access the following:

  • Land Lord details
  • Khasra number check MP
  • Khatuni
  • Record of rights, Tenancy, and Crop (RTC)
  • Bhunaksha MP – land shape and size
  • Diversion intimation
  • Collection payments

Process of Checking MP Bhulekh Land Record Online

  • To check the MP land record, visit the official website.
  • The home page opens. Click on the “Free Services” option.
MP Bhulekha Land Record
  • A new page appears. Click on the “Khasra/B-1/Map copy” option.
  • Select the district, National Commission, Tehsil, Patwari Mata, and village here.
  • Select the Bhumi Swami or Khasra number below, fill in the Captcha code, and click on the view details.
  • Now measles details can show on the screen.

How to check Village Information

  • First, visit the online portal of Bhulekh.
  • The home page opens. Click on the “free services” option.
  • Now a new page appears. Click on the “Village list” option.
  • Select report type, district, and tehsil for village information and click on “view details.”
portal of Bhulekh
  • A list of the entire village will display on the screen.

How to Download the Application Form of MP Bhulekh

  • Now all the MP people can see their land online. Farmers also can see their farms online.
  • To see the Geo Map online, visit the website of the MP geo map.
  • The home page selects district, tehsil, mild village, etc. Also, fill in the plot or land number and click the submit option.
Download Application form
  • Now we can see all the information as Khasra number, name of an account or landholder, type of land, area of the property, etc. 

Registration Process of Public User

  • Visit the online portal of mp bhulekh
  • Click on the “public user” option on the home page.
  • A new page appears. Click on the “register public user” option.
Public User Registration
  • A form will open, fill the form with the information required like name, address, email ID, and mobile number; click on the register option.

Grievance Filing Process of Bhulekh

  • Visit the official website of MP Bhulekh.
  • On the home page, click on the “grievance” option.
  • A new page opens. Select the public key option.
  • A form appears. Fill in the details in the form and file the complaint.
Grievance of Bhulekha

Helpline Numbers of Bhulekh Khasra Khatouni

  • Toll-Free number: 1800 233 6763
  • Helpdesk: 0755-4291604,0755-4289968, 0755-4295303 ( can be contacted between 10 am to 6 pm)
  • Email1:
  • Email2:
  • Address: Commissioner Land Records & Settlement, Moti Mahal, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh-474004


What is the difference between Khasra and Khatauni?

The Khasra is the number allocated to the land unit, whereas Khatauni is the number allocated to the agricultural land owners. Khasra is the record of one single unit of land. However, Khatauni can include records of multiple units.

How to Check Property-Related Documents in MP Bhulekh Online?

Visit the official website of MP Bhulekh. Navigate to the ‘Free Services’ tab from the menu. Select the option with Khasra, B1, or Map.
Fill out the necessary information as per requirement – such as Zilla, village, tehsil, and so on.

What is Khasra in MP?

Madhya Pradesh Record of Rights is an extract from the land records registers held by the State Government’s Revenue Department. ROR (Khasra) contains complete information regarding the land or property and the history of the landholders.

What is the new website of MP Land Records?

Follow the steps to check the mp land record online on this portal. Open the official website of this portal. The Revenue Board of Madhya Pradesh launches this web portal to access property or ownership details of the land.

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