What is UP Bhu Naksha? How to View Bhulekh UP Map?

Your land is essential for you. When obtaining the bottom info digital in Uttar Pradesh, it’s become straightforward to require your land details online. You can take away land records or Jamabandi online by getting to UP Bhu Naksha.

UP Bhulekh

Another feature that several folks don’t seem conscious of is that the Uttar Pradesh Geo Map online facility uses the UP Bhu Naksha Online Service. Through this, you can read the map of your land or farm online and transfer the report. It’s required in several governments’ works.

The process is essential for viewing Bhulekh UP Map:

  • To see the map, search for Bhu Naksha UP’s official website.
  • On the home page, you need to select your district.
UP Bhu Naksha or UP Map
  • Now select your tehsil.
  • Then select your village.
  • Now you will get your required area map.
  • Then select your field or plot the measles number on the map.
  • Finally, you will get information regarding that plot.
  • Now click on the map report option.
  • Then it will show you a report regarding the plot on the right side.
  • Finally, you can click on the download option to download a pdf.

Different types of lands available in UP Bhu Naksha

On the official website of upbhunaksha.gov.in, you can observe different plots, lands, and colours.

  • 5-3 land area indicates dark blue colours, which seem to be “Other arable wasteland.”
  • 1-a land area indicates sky blue, which seems to be “Land that has transferable landowners.”
  • 6-1 land area indicates the violet colour: “Non-agricultural land – submerged land.”
  • 6-2 land area indicates pink: “Non-agricultural land – sites, roads, railways, buildings and other such lands used for unutilized uses.”
  • Two land areas indicate grey: “Land which has non-contiguous landholdings.”
  • 5-1 land area indicates the brown colour, which seems to be ” Arable land – New fallow (fallow).”
  • The 6-4 land area indicates light sky blue, which seems “Unnatural for other reasons.”

How to Download the UP Bhu Naksha app on Google?

  • First, go to the play store on an Android phone.
  • Then search for UP Bhulekh – Bhu Naksha & Records.
  • Finally, click on the install option for downloading the app on a mobile phone.

Contact Details

Contact your tehsil workplace if there’s any quiet drawback or data associated with your land. Except for this, you’ll additionally contact me by email or phone.

  • Email – bhulekh-up@gov.in
  • Phone – 0522-2217145
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