7 thoughts on “T App Folio Telangana Services | Download T App For Mobile & PC”

  1. I have registered for pensioner life certificate one week before.
    It is showing as registration failed.
    Reason- Registration complete.
    Waiting for approval.
    How many days it takes for registration approval.

  2. i have downloaded the app and followed all the steps mentioned.but, as i downloaded the driving license it does not have the photograph and i have no idea what to do with it. please help me out

  3. I have purchased a Notary Tickets Through Registration and Stamp Department quantity of Tickets 180 Rs. 900 on 29/01/2022 vide reference Number MGOV044348739960551 that the same was credited and debit the amount of Rs. 903, receipt not devlivered, Hence same amount may be refunded and credit in to my Account i.e., Bank of India Khammam,

  4. I am trying to renew my driving licence using T-app-folio on my mobile. No problems upto uploading photograph. Not able to upload Form IA and unable to pass through submission page. I tried several times, but of no use. I think these issues need to be fixed asap


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