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TSGLI Policy Bond Details

TSGLI refers to “Telangana State Government Life Insurance.” TGSLI is a social security scheme which is started for the well-being of employees working in Telangana. It is a compulsory scheme for every worker who works under the Telangana State government. This article will get the information regarding the TSGLI Policy, TSGLI Bond, TSGLI annual slips, TSGLI slips, etc.

A compulsory contribution from the salary (4%-20% fixed) is subtracted and directed to the Telangana State Government Life Insurance. It came into existence on 02-06-2014. Before 2014, TSGLI was under Hyderabad State Life Insurance Fund and Andhra Pradesh State Government Life Insurance Fund. After the Bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh state and Telangana state, it was renamed Telangana State Government Life Insurance from APGLI.


All the schemes of both APGLI and TSGLI appear to be the same, and it is for the well-being of all government employees working in a particular government. This TSGLI Telangana department is under the supervision of the Finance Department.

Telangana state government employees can access different services from the portal, such as the policy details, account slips, downloading policy bonds, and more. The site is accessed through the link.

TSGLI Annual account slips 2021

Lately, Telangana State Government Life Insurance Department introduced an official portal to check TSGLI Annual Account Slips download and status. TSGLI slip number is necessary for all Govt workers to check their salary slips.

All Government employees will check their salary slip, policy status, account status on their own. Now, no need to visit any other Government office; you can check TSGLI Salary Slip by going to the official portal.

Services available at TSGLI web portal

There are many kinds of services available at the TSGLI web portal.

  • Policy details
  • Policy bond
  • Search of policy
  • Annual account slip
  • GIS calculator
  • Online application form

Employees who want to download their TSGL annual account slip can download from online. Employees can also download the annual salary slip, policy number to find any mistake and mis credit in your tsgli account slip.

Important points of TSGLI Account slip status 

  • The Telangana department issue the policy that will be mature when the policyholder complete 58 years.
  • All the state government employees having age between 21 years to 53 years can take these policies.
  • If your policy has matured and you didn’t check it, you will get the total amount, including the bonus given until the date of the policy matured.
  • If the policyholder dies, then the full amount and bonus until death are given to the nominee.
  • The interest rate will be 9% per year if loans have been sanctioned on policy.
  • The loan will be sanctioned up to 90% of surrender value.
  • The employees can contribute a maximum of 20% of the premium of their salary.
  • If the holder discontinues the policy, then the money and bonus are provided at the time of mature of the policy.
  • All people should know about their salary slips.

How to download TSGLI annual account slip

Follow the steps given below to download TSGL annual account slip

  • Visit the official website.
  • Click on TSGLI annual account slip.

Annual account slips

  • Enter the details.
  • Policy number.
  • Financial year.
  • Enter the number.
  • Fill in the captcha code.
  • Click on add view report option.

How to Submit Life Certificate for Pensioners Online in Telangana?

Process of TSGLI Account Slips 2021 status online

  • Visit
  • Click on the TSGLI detail link.
  • Enter your policy number correctly.
  • Enter date of birth in the given box.
  • Fill in the captcha.
  • Click on the view details option.

Take a copy of the page for future reference.


The official website is giving online TSGLI Policy Bond 2021 to all policyholders. Employees working in different departments in Telangana State Government and getting insured with TSGLI Scheme can check policy details and download TSGLI Policy Bond by logging in from the website from anywhere online.

Process of  TSGLI bond download

Follow the below steps for TSGLI bond download

  • Go to the official website
  • search for TSGLI Policy Bond Link
  • Click on the link

annual slips bond download

  • Enter your correct Policy Number in the specified field
  • Suffix in the specified field
  • Enter the captcha number in the Image in the mentioned box
  • Click on the “Get Policy Bond” option (Do not press Enter button)
  • Note: Turn on the Pop-up blocker for this website
  • Go to Tools—>Pop-up Blocker–>Turn on the pop-up blocker

The process to know TSGLI Policy Details at Website:

  • Visit the official website
  • Click on the TSGLI Policy Details link
  • Enter Your Correct Policy number in the specified field
  • Input Your Date of Birth.
  • Enter the Captcha number shown on the Image.

Policy Details

  • Click on the “View Details” option
  • your Policy Details will appear on your screen
  • Download it and take a print of it for the future reference

The process to know Your TSGLI Policy Number 

  • Visit the official website.
  • Click on the TSGLI Policy No. Search
  • Enter Your part of Name
  • Input your part of Father’s Name.
  • Enter Your Date of Birth.
  • Enter the number that is generated on the Image.
  • Click on the “retrieve policy number” option.

TSGLI Policy Status Check

Steps to check TSGLI bond status are:

Policy Status

  • Enter your policy number
  • Input the applicant’s Name select any one of the options: issue of policy, loan, and claim.
  • Enter the financial years from the page enter the captcha code.
  • Recheck the details click “view details.
  • Policy status is shown on the screen.
  • Save the details for future reference.

In this way, you can check the bond status.

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