Bhagyalakshmi Yojana | Bhagyalakshmi Scheme

Bhagyalakshmi Yojana

The government of Karnataka launched the Bhagyalakshmi scheme during 2006-07, intending to encourage the birth of girl child in the below poverty families. By this, the status of the girl child raises in the family particularly and society in general.

The government of Karnataka is providing financial assistance to the girl child through her mother/father or guardian to fulfill certain conditions.

A girl child born in families of (below poverty line) BPL after March 31st, 2006 is eligible to enroll as a beneficiary for this scheme. They are allowed to enroll until the girl reaches one year of birth.

Bhagyalakshmi Yojana for Girl child

Benefits of Bhagyalakshmi Scheme after Modifications

  • The main benefit of this scheme restricted to 2 girls in a low-income family. The total number of children should not exceed 3.
  • The government of Karnataka will deposit Rs 19300 in the selected financial institution under the first girl’s name and Rs 18300 under the second girl after enrolling, and verification is done.
  • The financial institutions will maximize the deposited money and after the girl child gets 18 years of age and an amount of Rs 100097 to the first child and Rs 100052 to the second child in the same family.
  • If the girl child fulfilled the eligibility criteria, the government pays interim payments like scholarships and insurance benefits under the scheme.
  • Whenever the girl gets sick, the government will provide medical insurance claims up to Rs 25000.
  • If the insured person dies naturally, RS 42500 is provided and dies in accident insurance of Rs 1 Lakh provided to the family.

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Eligibility for Bhagyalakshmi Yojana

To get eligibility for Bhagyalakshmi Scheme, below are the conditions:

  • Only the girl child born after March 31st, 2006, in a below poverty line family are eligible under this scheme.
  • Birth enrolment of the girl child must be done within one year from birth to get a birth certificate.
  • Under this scheme, only two girls are applicable from the below poverty line families.
  • A girl who is availing of the scheme must not be a child Labour.
  • The girl should immunize under the health department Programme.
  • The girl must complete the 8th Standard and not get married before 18 years.

Documents Required

  • Birth Certificate of the girl
  • Application form of Bhagyalakshmi Yojana
  • Income details of the family
  • Address proof of the parents
  • Below Poverty Line card
  • Bank details on the name of the girl

Application Process

The eligible girl parents can apply for Bhagyalakshmi Scheme through the offline process. Download the application form from the official website or click here. The applicants must visit and contact the below:

  • Grampanchayat office
  • Anganwadi Center
  • NGOs
  • Authorized banks
  • Municipal Corporations

The girl’s parents can also contact the Deputy Director of Women and Child Development of the districts or the Child Development Project Officer.


What is Bhagyalakshmi Scheme?

The government of Karnataka introduced the Bhagyalakshmi scheme during 2006-07. The scheme’s main objective is to promote a girl child’s birth in low-income families and raise them. This scheme is for only two girl children in a BPL family.

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