Hajj 2024 | Eligibility, Registration & Packages

Hajj is just around the corner, and it’s time to secure your mark on this sacred pilgrimage. This article will guide you through the Hajj 2024 registration process, ensuring you have the necessary information and steps to guarantee your place. Take advantage of this opportunity to fulfil your religious obligations and experience the transformative power of Hajj.

Event Name Hajj 2024
Supervising Board Hajj Committee of India
Dates 14th June to the 19th June 2024
PurposeTo seek the Blessings of Allah
Registration Form By December 2023
Last Date of HajjFebruary 2024
Eligibilities All Muslims under the Age of 65 Years
Application Mode Online
Total Pilgrims allowed 1.75 Lakh
Application Fee Rs. 300
payment Mode Through Credit Card/UPI/Debit Card/ Net Banking
Documents Required Aadhar Card, Passport, Bank Account No
Article Category Application Form
payment Mode Through Credit Card/UPI/Debit Card/ Net Banking

Hajj 2024 Registration:

Hajj 2024

Hajj 2024 Registration is about to start for the year 2024-25, in which Indian Muslims perform the rituals and seek the blessings of Allah—imposed restrictions on the number of pilgrims seeing from India, which are lifted now per the bilateral agreement signed between Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and India. As per the latest agreement, more than 1,75,000 pilgrims from India can visit and perform the Hajj Rituals. You can complete the Hajj Registration and wait for the lottery results.

The Hajj Committee of India will release a list containing the names of eligible pilgrims. Two to three lists are released on the official website @ hajcommittee.gov.in for applicants’ reference so that they can check their names and plan their journey accordingly. 

Hajj Eligibility Criteria:

Eligibilities are here

Understand the eligibility criteria: 

Familiarize yourself with the eligibility requirements of your country’s Hajj authorities. These criteria may vary depending on the policies and regulations in place.

Age requirement: 

Typically, individuals must be at least 18 years old to apply for Hajj. Some countries may have specific age restrictions or requirements for certain categories of pilgrims, such as minors travelling with their parents or guardians.

Valid travel documents: 

Ensure you have a valid passport with a minimum validity period required by the Saudi Arabian government. Check the expiration date and Ensure it extends beyond the Hajj period. 

Financial capability: 

Determine if you have the financial means to undertake the pilgrimage. Hajj expenses include travel, accommodation, meals, and other necessary costs.

Health requirements: 

Be aware of any health requirements or restrictions set by the authorities. It may include obtaining specific vaccinations or undergoing medical examinations to ensure you are fit for travel and can participate in the physically demanding Hajj rituals.

Registration process: 

Stay updated with the official announcements regarding the registration process for Hajj 2024. The registration process may involve filling out an application form, providing necessary documents, and paying the required fees. Follow the instructions provided by the designated Hajj. 

Age Limit for Hajj 2024:

The Saudi Arab Government has recently stroked off the age limits. They have even removed the restriction on the number of pilgrims they will allow this year. It was limited to 1,000,000 in 2022.

Unlike before, people of all ages can now take up this holy journey. Specific rules must be observed by all genders when on Hajj. They shall not cut their nails, they should not engage in any marital act, and women shall not cover their faces. The men should wear unstitched clothes.

Hajj 2024 Draw:

The Hajj 2024 draw holds the key to realizing the dream of millions seeking to embark on the revered pilgrimage. The draw is a highly anticipated event that can turn dreams into reality for countless Muslims worldwide. The Hajj 2024 draw is here, bringing the opportunity of a lifetime. Every year, millions of Muslims worldwide aspire to embark on this sacred pilgrimage, and the draw determines who will be granted the chance to fulfil this spiritual obligation. 

Hajj 2024 from India Dates:

For 2024, the Hajj for Indian pilgrims will commence on 14 June 2024 – Wed, 19 June 2024, related to the 10th of Dhulhijjah 1444 AH. The final date will be decided once the new moon of the month of Dhulhijjah is sighted.

Hajj 2024 Cost From India:

  • The first Cost of Hajj 2024 is that you have to Pay Rs. 300 as Registration Fees.
  • Next are Flight bookings, which can cost between Rs. 20000 and Rs. 25000 during peak times.
  • Then, you must pay the Visa Facilitation cost between Rs. 7000 and Rs. 8000.
  • The Hajj Committee of India also offers the Package, which includes all the services and costs Rs. 390000.

So these are the complete details of Hajj 2024 Cost from India for your easy reference and planning.

Hajj Duration:

Hajj 2024 was expected to last for approximately five to six days, as per the usual duration of the pilgrimage. The dates may vary depending on the Islamic calendar and the schedule determined by the Saudi Arabian authorities. 

Pilgrims typically arrive in Makkah a few days before the start of the Hajj, perform the required rituals, including the Day of Arafah, stoning of the Jamarat, and sacrifice, and conclude the pilgrimage within the designated time frame, usually by the 13th day of the Islamic month of Dhu al-Hijjah.

Hajj 2024 Packages From India:

You can easily book your Hajj packages through the Hajj Committee of India or the MoMA (Ministry of Minority Affairs) India-authorized private travel agents for Hajj enlisted here.

According to the HCI (Hajj Committee of India), the price for the Hajj package has increased to INR 399,500. Meanwhile, if you book your Hajj packages through private tour operators, they will charge around INR 600 or more than the government Hajj package price.

Required Documents for Hajj 2024 Registration:

Here are the required documents

  • Applicant photo
  • Mobile number
  • Email ID
  • Registration fee
  • The applicant’s identity card should be submitted at the time of application.
  • First and last page photocopy of passbook
  • Bank passbook

Hajj 2024 Application Form:

  • The Official Notification for Hajj has yet to be released and published.
  • After that, you can fill out the Hajj 2024 Application Form and wait for the committee to publish the list.
  • Ensure you are physically fit and have financial arrangements to perform the journey.
  • Registration Dates haven’t been announced yet, but you should check this post for the latest updates. 
  • You can expect a delay in the launch of the application form due to the Covid XBB 1.5 Variant.
  • The latest news is coming from the resources: the Hajj Application Form will begin soon with the official website.

Hajj 2024 Application Form Last Date:

  • All of you should show interest towards the journey by applying online.
  • You must complete the Hajj 2024 Application Form, which is expected to begin by the last week of December 2023.
  • Moreover, you should complete the application form in the proper format so that your application is not rejected.
  • Make sure you should submit the registration before the Hajj 2024 Last Date of Application Form.
  • The entire schedule with all the instructions will be announced by the last week of December 2023.

Apply Process for Hajj 2024 Online:

Here is the process to apply online

Hajj 2024 Eligibility Criteria

To visit the official website, visit the New Registration page.

Hajj Cost Per Person from India
  • The ‘HAJ FORM’ application can be selected.
  • When the page pops up, choose the tab labelled “NEW USER REGISTRATION.”
  • Include the needed information on the registration form.
  • Applicants had to choose a secure password.
  • Check your information once you enter the security code.
  • Choose the Send option.
  • If the submission is successful, a system-generated OTP (Time Password) will be sent to the provided mobile number.
  • Submit your user ID after activating the OTP and clicking the submit button.
  • Type in your password and mobile number to log in.
  • Provide the information in the space provided.
  • To proceed, please choose the appropriate subcategory.
  • You may select the number of adults by clicking the button below.
  • Please proceed by clicking the following button.
  • Please complete all fields, especially those marked with a *.
  • When you have completed filling out the form, use the “SAVE AND NEXT” button.
  • Please attach all essential paperwork.
  • To choose the pilgrim’s path, use the menu drop-down.
  • Select the Browse button, then upload your files (pictures included) in JPEG/JPG format in the specified file size range of 10 kb to 100 kb.
  • Select the files you need to upload, then click the button.
  • You utilized any one of the online payment methods to complete it.
  • To submit your last version, please select the appropriate link.
  • Get the printed application form.

Check Your Hajj 2024 Application Status:

  • Visit your country’s official website designated for Hajj applications.
  • Log in to your account using your ability.
  • Navigate to the application status section and enter the required information, such as your application reference number or passport details.
  • Submit the request and review the displayed status, indicating whether your application is pending, approved, rejected, or under review.
  • Contact the Hajj authorities or the designated organization for further assistance or inquiries regarding your application status.

Apply for Hajj Volunteer:

The process for applying to volunteer for Hajj may vary depending on the organization or group you wish to volunteer with.

Research volunteer opportunities: 

Explore different organizations or groups that offer volunteer programs for Hajj. 

Review eligibility requirements: 

Understand the eligibility criteria for volunteering. It may include age restrictions, specific skills or qualifications, and other requirements the organization sets.

Contact the organization: 

Reach out to the group or organization you are interested in volunteering with. Contact their volunteer department or designated point of contact to express your interest and inquire about the application process.

Complete the application form: 

Fill out the volunteer application form provided by the organization. 

Submit supporting documents: 

Some organizations may need you to submit additional documents and your application. It may include a resume, reference letters, or copies of relevant certifications or qualifications.

Attend an interview: 

Some organizations may conduct interviews to assess your suitability as a volunteer. If selected for an interview, prepare by familiarizing yourself with the organization’s mission, values, and role you are applying for.

Complete required training: 

If your application form is accepted, you may need to undergo specific training sessions or workshops related to volunteering at Hajj.

Await assignment and instructions: 

Once you have completed the requirements, you will be informed about your volunteer assignment, responsibilities, and the specific dates and locations of your volunteer work during Hajj.

Follow the guidelines and instructions: 

Stay in communication with the organization, attend meetings or briefings, and follow established safety protocols or codes of conduct.


Hajj 2024 holds immense significance for Muslims worldwide, offering a unique spiritual renewal and connection opportunity. The pilgrimage represents unity, devotion, and an extraordinary journey of faith. It is a profoundly transformative experience that leaves a lasting impact on pilgrims’ lives.


What is the Hajj period for 2024?

The way to book a Hajj trip changed in 2022. The Hajj will begin on 26 June. To perform the Hajj, you must book a package through the official Nusuk Hajj Platform.

Who is eligible for Hajj 2024?

Any Muslim citizen of India can apply for the Haj pilgrimage except Any person who does not have a machine-readable valid Indian International Passport issued on or before 10.03.2023 and valid at least up to 03.02.2024

When should I apply for Hajj 2024 from India?

The last date for submission of the Haj Application Form – is December 2023.

What is the price of Hajj from India?

A Haj pilgrim typically pays between Rs 3 lakh and Rs 3.5 lakh, depending on which state they belong to.

How much luggage is allowed in Hajj 2024?

Private hajj pilgrims can carry up to 40 kg of baggage and 7 kg of hand luggage. Moreover, private economy class passengers can bring up to 35kg of baggage and 7 kg of hand luggage.

What is the first instalment of Hajj?

Each provisionally selected pilgrim must deposit the First Installment of the Balance Haj Amount, Rs. 1,70,000/-.

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