How to Get Mutyala Talambralu from Bhadrachalam Temple?

Bhadrachalam Temple

Bhadrachalam is the pilgrimage temple situated at the Godavari river bank in Badradri-Kothagudem district, Telangana. The town is famous for the Lord Sri Rama temple. Every year Lord Rama and Sita Nitya Kalyanam/ Sitarama Kalyanam at Sri Rama Navami happens, and on that day, Mutyala Talambralu is given to the people who attended the wedding.

People believe this Talambralu is lucky to get mainly for newlyweds and other devotees. The authorities of the Bhadrachalam temple are planning to dispatch the Talambralu to the requested people.

mutyala thalambralu

The Lord Sri Rama temple was constructed in the 17th Century BC. According to Mythology, the Bhadrachalam town once was a part of the Dandakaranya forest where Lord Rama, Sita, and Laxmana lived during their exile, called Vanavasam.

In the jungle, there is a Parnasala, which is 32 km from the location where Lord Rama built a dwelling for him and Sita.

Mutyala Talambralu

On the festival day of Sri Rama Navami, Sri Sitharama Kalyanam will happen in Bhadrachalam. Devotes from different regions participate in the yearly celestial wedding event of Sitarama Kalyanam.

Due to Corona Virus for the last two years. So many of the devotees are now requesting the Devasthanam committee for the Mutyala Talambralu.

sitarama kalyanam

How to get Mutyala Talambralu in Bhadrachalam?

Devotees can get Mutyala Thalambralu online and by visiting Mee Seva centres. The Devasthanam of Sitaramachandra Swamy Temple Bhadrachalam also decided to pack and dispatch. The devotees must visit the nearest Mee Seva centre, pay Rs 30 and avail of the facility of getting Mutyala Talambralu.

This facility is available for one day in Sitarama Kalyanam. Devasthanam people will send the Mutyala Thalambralu by post to the given address.

Lord Sri Rama bhadrachalam temple

Devotees can also avail of the facility of getting Mutyala Thalambralu online. People must visit the T App Folio app and make an online payment of Rs 30.

People can also pay for Archana Pooja of Rs 180 to get prasadam and a packet of Talambralu with two mutyalu.

Devotees can also pay Rs 1116 to get Prasadam, panche, kanduva, saree, jacket pieces, and a packet of Talambralu with three mutyalu. Devotees must visit the website of to avail all the facilities.

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  1. I booked ticket on line for mutuals talambralu prasadam of Kalyanam of rs.5000/- booking ID no.10000585.
    The addressed mentioned on the ticket is confused. Here is the correct address.

    R. Ramakantrao
    B2/003 Mallikarjun
    Madhav sansar
    KALYAN (west)
    Pin 421 301
    Thane dist Maharashtra
    Mb no 7710966916.
    Plz note the above address and sent the mutyala talambralu and prasadam
    రాం రామాయనమః
    రాయసం రమాకాంత రావు.

  2. Can we send the wedding card to the Bhadrachalam temple to receive Lord Sri SithaRama’s blessings? If, yes can you please also let me know the process to follow.

    Thank you 🙂


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