CSD Canteen – Online Booking for Smart Card Token

CSD Canteen

The Canteen Stores Department of the Ministry of Defence, Government of India has reopened the canteen for army soldiers whose families have CSD canteen smart cards. The cardholders should get CSD Canteen online token after CSD canteen online booking to buy liquor and products. This booking will be done by phone number or website based on your state between 10 am to 4 pm.

CSD Canteen Online Token

Overview of Canteen Stores Department

Service families can buy grocery items or liquor from the army canteen stores at a cheaper price. To get this, the one who wants this must apply the token booking through the mobile phone or website.

After booking, the CSD department provides the token number and gives the appointment time. No one can get into the canteen without a token.

CSD Canteen Booking Apply online Token

The Canteen Stores Department online token booking, to get the online appointment form, the procedure should be as follows:

The cardholders will have to specify the token number, army number, post, and name to enter the canteen. While entering the canteen, staff will sanitize and thermal scan all the customers at the entrance itself. Everyone has to maintain physical distance.

Applying a face mask in the canteen will be mandatory. There will be no entry of any vehicle in the canteen premises. According to the token number, customers have to enter inside to get their goods. For the time of booking, you will be given time to go to the canteen at the right time then it will be easy to take the goods. The eligible customers can purchase liquor, groceries, and other goods from the army canteens.

CSD Canteen Online booking

Process of CSD Canteen Online Booking

  • Before starting the purchases from the canteen, the candidates have to book an appointment.
  • The customers have to book a slot on the mobile phone or the respective state-wise websites, and they will receive a unique online token.
  • First of all, visit the portal of your respective state.
  • For online token booking, you can find and select the appointment form.
  • After selecting the appointment form, enter the basic details like Name, Phone, Email, Contact Number, professional details, etc.
  • Then submit the appointment form.
  • Then it generates a token number for your appointment.
  • After generating the token, you can collect the token number and visit the canteen with that token.

Payment process:

After purchasing the goods, customers must pay the payment through ATM/Debit cards. The payment will not be in the form of cash. So, all the customers need to bring their debit or credit card for their goods payments.

Guidelines for the visitors:

  • The cardholders have to enter the canteen premises at the allotted time.
  • After entering the canteen, one should follow the queue to start the purchases.
  • The candidate must bring their credit/debit cards for making digital payments because the canteens will not allow direct cash from hand.
  • The candidate can purchase their goods between 10 am to 4 pm in the army canteens.

csd canteen smart cards

Shopping Categories in CSD canteens:

  • Toiletries
  • Household requisites
  • General items
  • Watch and stationary
  • Liquor
  • Food and medicines
  • Air conditioners
  • Audio
  • Carpets
  • Chimneys
  • Four-wheelers
  • Laptop
  • LED TV
  • Washing machine etc

CSD canteen smart cards renewal /application:

The new /renewal of CSD canteen smart cards was damaged due to the outbreak of COVID-19 operations of  SPCL. To ensure beneficiaries are denied stores, the following will be provided. It expired/expiring cards. The validity of smart cards expires and will extend till by SCPL through patch updates; the cards’ validity is extended till 30 June 2020 or until a new card should be issued to the individual.

They were retiring personnel cards. Individuals whose ESM cards have not been processed due to retirement will be issued stores through bronze cards held with the URCs until new cards are issued to the individual. They should have to provide valid documents showing their date of retirement—damaged cards. If there is any physical/technical damage, stores will be issued through bronze cards, taken with corresponding URCs until new cards are issued to the individual. URCs application process will be of those individuals reopening of services by M/s SCPL at the earliest.

First-time applicants personnel who have been recently commissioned will be issued through bronze cards held with relevant URCs till new cards are issued to the smart cardholders. URCs will process applications of these individuals on the restarting of services by M/s SCPL at the earliest. The annual validation process of canteen cards can be done at any functional URC.

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