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According to the Hindu calendar, the festival Ram Navami celebrates on the Ninth day of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month.

According to the scriptures, Lord Ram was born on this special day. Hence this day is celebrated as Ram Navami. This date is known as Ram Navami due to the birth festival of Ram.

Sri Rama had considered to be an incarnation of Vishnu. Lord Vishnu took human incarnation as Lord Sri Ram in Tretayuga to kill the demons on earth.

Lord Rama is known as Maryada Purushottam because he is the best example of a dignified life despite facing many hardships in his lifetime.

Ram did not give up his ideals even in adverse circumstances and lived a life of dignity. That’s why he had given the position of the best man.

Although the birthday of Lord Rama has been celebrated with enthusiasm all over India, especially in Ayodhya, the birthplace of Shri Ram,  is celebrated with great enthusiasm. During Ramnavami, a grand fair organizes in Ayodhya, in which, apart from devotees from wide and far, monks and sannyasis also reach and celebrate the birth of Ram.

On being asked by queen Kaikeyi for a boon from King Dasharatha, Rama’s father, Shri Ram happily accepted the 14 years of expulsion, leaving the palace and conquering Lanka by killing the arrogant Ravana, including many demons during the exile.

While leaving Ayodhya, his wife, Goddess Janaki, and brother Lakshman also went into exile for 14 years with Shri Ram. That’s why he worshipped along with Shri Ram on Ramnavami.

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Ram Navami 2023 wishes

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Happy Ram Navami wishes

Let us pray the sacred mantras praising the Eternal Saviour: “Shriram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram” Rama Navami Blessings.

Ramanavami promotes equality and universal brotherhood. Happy Rama Navami.

I heartily wish you, Sri Rama Navami. May our faces always shine with a smile by intonating the name of Lord Rama.

Let us pray to Ram Lala to achieve all good fortune in this Sri Rama Navami. Jai Shree Ram!

Let us pray to Rama that the world will fill with happiness and that India will grow into an idea for the whole world. Blessed Rama Navami.

On this Rama Navami, let us celebrate our ancient tradition of unity, brotherhood and bravery, avoiding violence.

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Ram Navami Status For Whatsapp

Ram Navami Status For Whatsapp

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Bless you, for the birth of Lord Rama to King Dasharatha and Queen Kausalya of Ayodhya! Happy Sri Rama Navami to you and your family members!

In whose mind Shri Ram is destiny, I am his Baikunth Dham, at his feet, the one who gave life has his Welfare in the world—wishing you a Happy Ram Navami!

Today is the day of Ram Navami. On this day, the Lord has taken an incarnation, like a saint, O Ramji, may your life be as happy. Happy Ram Navami, Friends.

Rama Navami wishes here in the hope that your life will be brighter with the divine blessings of Sri Rama.

Sita’s patience, Lakshman ji’s brilliance and Bharat ji’s sacrifice have taught us all about life. Happy Ramnavami.

Rama Navami, blessings and wishes to you and your family members. May the Almighty Lord Rama bless you with good things and perfect health. Rama Navami wishes!

Ram Prabhu was born today. We all became great feet. Together, we will celebrate happiness today, and this is the festival of Ram Navami. Happy Ram Navami today.

Rama Navami Quotes

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When Lord Rama enshrines in the heart, glory, fortune, freedom, and wholeness will be added to you.

O Lord, You are my Savior. When I sleep, I sleep peacefully. Only You, O Lord, keep me perfectly safe. Happy Shri Rama Navami.

On this Rama Navami day, Lord Rama will always bless you with peace and virtue. Happy Rama Navami.

Ram ki jyoti se noor milta hai, wah sabke dilo ko shurur milta hai, jo bhi jaata hai ram ji ke dwaar, kuch na kuch zaroor milta hai. Happy SriRam Navami.

Sri Rama’s virtue and wisdom will inspire you and help you reach your goals. Happy Rama Navami Greetings.

Parakrami wah hai jo nirbhay aur pavitra hai, aur jo apne sankalp se digta nahi hai.

The beautiful occasion of Rama Navami is here, and I want to bring so much joy and smiles to your life on this special day.

Echoes of Diya and Mantras fill your life with joy and satisfaction. Happy Sri Rama Navami.

Ram Navami Greetings

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Om Shree Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram. I wish you all the best with Rama Navami Shubham & Blessings.

Navami Tithi Madhumaas Punita; Shukla Paksh Abhijit Nav Preeta; Madhya Divas Ati Sheet Na Ghama; Pavan Kaal Lok Vishrama! Happy Ram Navami

Here is the desire and hope that your life will be brighter with the divine blessings of Lord Rama! Rama Navami Greetings

Suraj ki kirne, khushiyo ki bahar, Chanda ki chandni,apano ka pyar,    Mubarak ho aapko Ramanavami ka tyohar.

Peak Ram Mantra Twice a day, Shri Ram Jai Jai Ram Rama Navami greetings to all your friends.

Sabke dilo ko shurur milta hai, Jo bhi jata hai ram ji ke dwar, Kuch na kuch jarur milta hai.

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Ram Navami Shayari

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The thunderous sky Leave the sea and your shore, move the whole world, as the slogan of Jai Shriram echoes.

In whose mind is Lord Rama. Destiny has his Welfare in the world at the feet of the living Lord Rama.

When Lord Rama shines brightly in your life, when Lord Rama makes your life happy, remove the darkness of your ignorance and shine the light of wisdom in your life.

Raghukul reet Sada chalee aaye praan jaaye par vachan na jae shreeraam navamee prarv par aapko dher saaree shubhakaanae

Lord Rama incarnates that on the day of Ramanavami, Lord Rama was born to fight evil. Make sense of this day, remove Ravana from you and celebrate Ramanavami.

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