Online Patta Name Change & Transfer in Tamil Nadu

Patta is a property document also known as a title deed. It is a document that is generally considered proof of the land you own. The Tamilnadu state government manages Online Patta name change & transfer. 

Patta Name Change & Transfer in Tamil Nadu

Online Patta name change

The Tamil Nadu State Revenue Department handles every detail of the lands and plots. Tamil Nadu State Government is working steadily to make these services available to ordinary people. 

In this article, let’s learn more about a change of ownership, correction of details and other related topics. Other than that, we usually discuss more on the official website.

Online Patta Transfer Procedure

As given, we will learn how to transfer your ownership to your name. Ownership should change at the time of the sale of a plot or property to another person. At this time, there is no way to modify your request online. 

However, it can do offline as well. At that time, the process involving a change of ownership was conveniently simple. You need to follow specific steps to transfer your property in your name.

Here are some steps you need to follow:

  • Visit the nearest Taluka or Village Administrative Officer (VAO) office
  • Get the form for the transfer of Patta. 
  • Fill out the form carefully without any corrections.
  • Submit the same with the proper documents
  • Take the receipt and wait for the process to complete

First, visit the nearest taluk office or village administrative officer office as mentioned above. Ask locals or contact your district headquarters if you need help finding any of these.

You can find your respective taluk office or village administrative officer office. After you visit any of these, contact the inquiry desk and ask for an online Patta name change or online Patta transfer form.

Once you get hold of the form, you will see that you will have to mention the details in it, which will be generalized so that it will be the best way for you to understand.

Name change details

After you finish filling out the form, you will notice that after your data, there are a bunch of signatures, undertakings and declarations you need to complete to complete your process.

Following are the details you need to include to avail of your transfer policy:

  • Name of the previous owner
  • Name of Current Employer (You)
  • Signature of both parties.
  • Stamp Paper etc., as per Govt.

Ensure that all sections of the form had completed without any overwriting or corrections. Provide your details exactly as on your Aadhaar card.

All government organizations currently use it for the easy authentication process. Complete your process by submitting the form along with all required supporting documents:

  • Identity verification
  • Address proof
  • Birth proof etc.

Submit the entire matter at the concerned office and take the final receipt. It is an essential document, as you can use it to check your inquiry status. Depending on your condition, this fee is between Rs 80 – Rs 240 only.

Online Patta name change application status check

After successfully submitting your application, you need to relax before the state government officials try to assess your situation and resolve it smoothly if they wish. There is an average waiting time for the process to finish.

Any average rank change takes 15 days. That is usually the time everyone waits. However, a change of rank with clauses takes 30 days. To check the status of the application, follow the steps carefully:

Check Online Patta Application Status
  • Visit the mentioned official website.
  • Fill in the given details.
  • Click on Get Status

As mentioned above, visit the official website link to check your application status. Click on the website URL given in the first point itself.

As you can see, you have to enter two specific details: Application Id and Captcha Code.

Enter the given values without making any mistakes and click on Get status. The Application ID’s status will display successfully, whether done or in the pending state.


How much is the fee for a Patta transfer in Tamil Nadu?

Downloading and Viewing Patta Online in Tamil Nadu from the Revenue Department website is accessible. However, if individuals acquire a converted title or transfer ownership of the title, they will have to pay Rs—hundred to pay. 

Is Patta transfer Necessary?

A deed is an essential legal document that establishes ownership of a property. Without the title transfer to your name, you are not considered the legal owner of the property, and you cannot sell it. 

Is Patta’s transfer automatic?

In 2021, the Revenue Department introduced automatic title transfer of Patta based on property registration. 

Can we apply for Patta’s name transfer online?

The information in this e-service is dynamically updated. Hence, a physical visit to any office of the Revenue Department is optional to obtain information. Application for transfer of Patta can file at any of the Common Service Centers (CSCs) across the state. Per application Rs. 60/- fee is charged at CSCs.

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