UMID Card | Key features, login and Download the card

The recently established UMID Card (Unique Medical Identity) looks unique and revolutionary because it offers benefits or convenience to all employees, retirees, and dependents.

What is UMID?

Railway Health Card

The etymology of UMID (Ummeed) means ‘hope.’ This UMID had intended to improve the service delivery of medical beneficiaries. This service is beneficial for Indian Railways employees or officials.

UMID is an intelligent medical identity card issued to the pensioner and includes an individual & independent and unique All-India number based on the individual.

You can get this card via UMID’s official website. The complete registration, approval and card production are on the official UMID website. It involves regularly updating the beneficiary information dynamically.

Who Can Get a UMID Card?

UMID cards had issued by Indian railways to the following:

  • Employes.
  • Pensioner.
  • Dependents of Employee and Pensioners.
  • Other recipients contain Quasi Rly. Employees, porters/coolie, and others.

Checklist for Request of Application

The checklist for appropriate fields and documents will be scanned in JPEG/JPG/PNG format.

  • Photograph of the PENSIONERS and all of their dependents.
  • PENSIONER’s Signature
  • Old Medical ID card of PENSIONERS or RELHS record issued at discontinuation.
  • All dependent I.D.
Relation with PENSIONERMarital StatusDocuments required
MotherWidowFather’s Death Certificate
Step-motherWidowFather’s Death Certificate and, If the student is above 21 yrs, Bonafide Certificate
SonUnmarriedIf a student is above 21 yrs, Bonafide Certificate
DaughterDivorcedDivorced Degree
DaughterWidowDeath Certificate & marriage certificate of her husband
Step-sonUnmarriedIf a student is above 21 yrs, Bonafide Certificate
Step-daughterDivorcedDivorced of Degree
Step-daughterWidowDeath Certificate & Marriage certificate of her husband
BrotherUnmarriedFather’s Death Certificate and If a student is above 21 yrs, Bonafide Certificate
Step-brotherUnmarriedFather’s Death Certificate and If the student is above 21 yrs, Bonafide Certificate
SisterUnmarriedFather’s Death Certificate
SisterDivorcedFather’s Death Certificate and Divorced Degree
SisterWidowFather’s Death Certificate, Death Certificate & Marriage certificate of her husband
Step-sisterUnmarriedFather’s Death Certificate
Step-sisterDivorcedFather’s Death Certificate and Divorced Degree
Step-sisterWidowFather’s Death Certificate, Death Certificate & marriage certificate of her husband

If any of your dependents had physically or mentally challenged, you must upload a Railway Doctor Certified Medical Certificate.

Key Features of UMID Cards

Smart Health Card System:

UMID is a unique identification card for each medical beneficiary with a unique number. Special features like web-enabled Q.R. codes and biometric identification with a single database across India are also available to cardholders.

Web & Mobile Application:

Although online document filling is available, it is easy to complete the application. UMID app is also obtainable on Google Play, making it easy for users to register and complete the UMID application form. To e-verify your information, you can print a Q.R. code on paper.

Automatic Generation of OPD Slips:

Due to the functionality of this card, every railway employee and their dependents can now avail of medical services at any railway hospital or private clinic and generate automatic OPD slips.

Fully Electronic Platform:

The complete registration, approval and card production process of UMID had handled online. Because of this, the consumer is relieved.

No additional paperwork is required as everything had done online. Medical benefits information is also updated on the Internet.

Easy to use and convenient:

The built-in authentication procedure of UMID medical cards has made obtaining health care for railway staff and their dependents straightforward.

Medical facilities can be accessed using the following seven legal details: Medical Card Number, P.F. Number, QR Code, PAN Number, Aadhaar Number, PPO Number and Registered Mobile Number.

Card Independent System:

Detection of PAN Indian Identity Numbers (P.F.No/PAN/Aadhaar/PPO/Registered Mobile Number, etc.) and a comprehensive database of biometric and Q.R. code methods without a physical card has become highly effective.

Advantages of UMID Health Card

  • UMID cards are now more convenient for railway employees and their dependents to provide health care services at railway hospitals.
  • Any railroad service member can apply for a UMID card from any place or location through the web and phone application.
  • Without a physical UMID card, it is feasible to identify recipients. As the entire process had conducted online, They can quickly make any changes to the information or specifics of the beneficiary or recipient.
  • For convenience, the beneficiary has multiple identification sources.
  • UMID Health Cards allow the issuance of debits and credits between health units.
  • Automatic rule integration with a manual check is a feature of the UMID card based on the powerful rule engine.
  • Kiosk-based Smart Hospital interface that can generate OPD slips automatically.
  • UMID cards have built-in validation for automated validation.

UMID Registration Process

The registration process for UMID is straightforward. After you visit the UMID official website, you will find a way to fill out the form.

You require to upload all the needed documents, your correct details etc. Let us quickly look at the steps we must follow for UMID registration.

  • Click ‘Register’ on the UMID official website or log in, click ‘Register’, and select “Pensioner”.
  • Select the user type
  • Select the type of pension scheme.
UMID registration
  • Fill in the three certification fields displayed: PPO Number, Date of Birth, and Retirement.
  • Tab on the ‘Validate Detail’ button.
  • Click on ‘Confirm’ if the details are correct.
  • If the information is correct, proceed to the next step to enter your phone number.
  • Verify the OTP
  • Set the password and click on ‘Register’.
  • Now you can log in to UMID because the registration process is complete

UMID’s Login & Application Process

  • Now that we have the UMID Login Details tab.
  • Enter your details and hit ‘Login’.
  • For the application process for the UMID card, go to ‘Start Application’ and fill out the form accordingly; Ask for details on the display page.
  • Fill out the form, tick on ‘Process’ and upload the document (Note: If a pensioner fills out the form, the procedure is simple; Take all documents).
  • After completing all the record uploads, click ‘Preview’ to check the form and then ‘Submit’.
  • After submitting the form, you can review the application or track the status of your application in the ‘My Application Status’ menu.
  • To finish the online application form for UMID, you should fill in the following fields:

For Employee: Gender, PAN number, Date of Birth

For Dependents of Employees: 

  • Family Member Name*
  • Date of Birth Relation*
  • Marital status*
  • Phy/Men. Challenged*
  • Blood Group
  • Residential Address*
  • City*
  • Pin Code
  • Health Unit Opted
  • Aadhar Number
  • PAN
  • Email Id
  • Mobile Number

How to download a UMID card?

Once approved for the I.D. card, you can download the UMID card in the following ways:

  • You can save the I.D. card on the mobile through the mobile application.
  • You can print the I.D. card on the plastic card.
  • Or You can also print the Q.R. code on plain paper.

Status Check

  • Go to UMID Digital Indian Railways website.
  • Click on the login control in the menu.
  • Employees P.F. No/Pensioner PPO No.
  • Click on UMID (Employee/Pensioner).
  • after Clicking My Application Status

How to check Umid Medical Card Hospital, List?

  • Go to the UMD Portal website.
  • Click on Medical Info in the menu.
  • Again, click on the Hospitals List.
  • You will download UMID Hospital List PDF.
  • Now open this PDF file.

Help Desk for UMID

If you have any complaints regarding UMID medical cards, You can use the help desk.

  • Provide email id if not registered.
  • Enter the subject of your request.
  • State your problems in detail.
  • Submit, and you get a reference number. Note down that reference number for the future.

Contact Address:

4th Floor, Rail Nilayam, South Central Railway


What is the full form of the UMID Card?

Unique Medical Identification Card.

How to apply for railway umid card?

You can visit the official website of UMID. Alternatively, you can download the UMID card mobile app from Google Playstore. Registration: Choose the Type of Beneficiary (Employee/ Pensioner/others).

How long is a railway UMID card valid?

The Medical Identity Card for beneficiaries up to the age of 15 should be made valid for five years, after which these should be renewed. For beneficiaries above the age of 15, the Medical Identity Card should be renewed on attaining the age of 40. and at the time of retirement.

What is UMID Card?

This UMID had intended to improve the service delivery of medical beneficiaries. This service is beneficial for Indian Railways employees or officials.

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