CGHS Card | Eligibility, Online Application & Registration

In 1954, the CGHS (Central Government Health Scheme) had launched for current and former employees of the Central Government of India. This article can teach about CGHS Registration, online CGHS card application, eligibility, required documents, etc.

The Government of India specially designs the scheme for the development of beneficiaries. Therefore, you can facilitate medical services through CGHS Dispensary or Clinic under Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy etc. 


Health care is a significant concern in a country like India, which has the highest population below the poverty line. Inadequacy of funding limits the quality of medical facilities. The Central Government Health Care Scheme (CGHS) had introduced to combat the health problems of all Central Government employees. 

CGHS Registration

The CGHS scheme is a more general concept of health insurance. Therefore, an individual should understand its basics before choosing a plan. Details of the Central Government Health Scheme had given below. 

Look: Every health insurance policy has specific components based on employee needs and preferences. Take a closer look at the points of the CGHS Health Plan here:

Features of the CGHS Card 

Here are the main features of the CGHS Card: 

  • Once the CGHS card expires, it must surrender to the relevant Department.
  • In case of renewal, you should submit a form and the required details. 
  • You cannot transfer the CGHS card from one employee to another.
  • Misusing the CGHS card carries penalties and disciplinary action (in extreme cases).

Eligibility Criteria 

The eligibility criteria for the Central Government Health Scheme are as follows:

  • Employees are earning wages from Central Civil Assessments. 
  • Beneficiaries of family members receiving wages from Central Civil Estimates. 
  • Dependents of families living in areas covered by the Central Government Health Scheme. 
  • Central Government Pensioners. 
  • Members of Parliament. 
  • Delhi Police personnel. 
  • Former Vice Presidents. 
  • Former and Lieutenant Governors.
  • Post and Telegraph Department employees.
  • Freedom fighters. 
  • Current or retired judges of the Supreme Court and the High Court
  • Press Information Bureau Journalists. 
  • Railway Board employees.

They provided many facilities under the Central Government Health Scheme to develop employees. 

CGHS Card for employees

Facilities Provided under CGHS Card

  • OPD treatment and medication costs. 
  • Consultation at government or polyclinic hospitals. 
  • Research in government or CGHS impanelled hospitals.
  • Cashless facilities at CGHS Empanelled Hospitals and Diagnostic Centres. 
  • Reimbursement for treatments, hearing aids, prostheses, accessories, etc. 
  • Indoor treatment in government or CGHS-empanelled hospitals. 
  • Child and Maternity health services and family welfare. 
  • Medical consultations and distribution of medicines for AYUSH.

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Different Types of Medical Systems Covered

The following medical systems had covered under the Central Government Health Scheme:

  • Indian system of medicine
  • Homoeopathic
  • Unani
  • Siddha
  • Ayurveda
  • Allopathic
  • Yoga

Treatments Not Covered

You cannot resolve subsequent and in-patient treatments in the following cases: 

Declared Emergency

You may receive treatment at any hospital, but they will make Reimbursement only at the Additional General where the CGHS card is registered.

Reimbursement of medical bills

You can get treatment at any hospital, but the claim amount is limited to the prices quoted under the Central Government Health Scheme. Again, you must claim the CGHS card at the registered Additional General.

Contribution toward Central Government Health Scheme

Private hospital wards empanelled under CGHS are available based on your (each individual’s) salary grade. The ward entitlement under CGHS is as follows:

Ward EntitlementCorresponding Monthly Basic Pay Drawn by the Officer in 7th CPC
General WardUp to RS 47,600
Semi-Private WardRS 47,601 to RS 63,100
Private WardRS 63,101 and above

CGHS Registration Process

for Current Employees To apply for the Central Government Health Scheme for Current Employees, follow the steps given below: 

CGHS application
  • Submit the CGHS application form to complete the CGHS registration.

The CGHS application form is available on the Central Government’s official website. One can get it from any authorized CGHS Wellness Centre run by the Central Government of India.

Documents Required for CGHS Card

Below are the documents required for the CGHS Registration process.

  • Application form in the prescribed format. 
  • Photos of the beneficiary’s family members. 
  • Documents required by family members.
For Pensioners

Pensioners can register for the Central Government Health Scheme and obtain a CGHS card by visiting the office of the Additional Director or Joint Director in their city.

Documents required for pensioner registration 

  • Application form in the prescribed format
  • Proof of address of the pensioner
  • Proof of address of the pensioner’s dependent 
  • Proof of age of the pensioner dependent
  • Photos of the beneficiary’s family members
  • Disability Certificate, if applicable
  • Surrender Certificate, if the pensioner has an active CGHS card
  • Certified copies of the last payment certificate 
  • Temporary card if it had not provided PPO 
  • Draft the amount required for CGHS contribution

Online CGHS Card Application

Eligible persons should submit the application form on the official website. The application form is also available at CGHS Wellness Centres. 

Although you cannot upload supporting documents online, you can submit the application form on the official website. Online CGHS application is in the below procedure:

  • Fill out the entire application form with the correct details and attach the photos in the designated areas. 
  • Submit the application form online and take a printout. 
  • Attach supporting documents. 
  • Ensure the Head duly approves the paperwork of the Department or the office that serves the employees. 
  • Submit the paperwork to the office of the Additional Director HQ in Delhi or the office of the Additional Director in other cities.

Employees serving can apply for the Pensioner CGHS Card as follows: 

  • Submit the employee’s office application to the CGHS with a bank draft and enclosure.
  • Suppose the application is completed six weeks before the retirement date. In that case, the pensioner card will be issued on the retirement day and activated the next day.

CGHS Card Validity

  • For employees serving CGHS card validity, the CGHS card is valid until the day of their retirement. 
  • To continue/extend the validity of the CGHS card after retirement, you must assist one year before completion. 
  • Note that the CGHS card application is valid only in cities.
  • For employees transferred to non-CGHS covered areas, the CGHS card is valid for up to 6 months after transfer to family members if the contribution has been made in advance. 
  • The CGHS card is valid in all CGHS-covered areas for hospitalization, treatment and research. 
  • Therefore, to receive treatment in another CGHS city, only transmission permits are required for high-value drugs classified as life-saving or preventative supply drugs.

How to Print CGHS Card Beneficiary List?

CGHS Beneficiary Login
  • Visit the official online portal.  
  • Click on the ‘Beneficiaries’ option in the top menu bar and select ‘Beneficiary Login’. 
  • Enter your beneficiary ID, password and appropriate captcha code to sign in. 
  • Click on ‘Print Card’ for members who need a CGHS card.
  • Input the OTP sent to your registered mobile number and click on ‘Print CGHS Card’. 
  • A message requesting a colour printout and lamination will appear on the screen. 
  • Download the e-CGHS card online, proceed to open it and print it.


Overall, CGHS Registration provides comprehensive healthcare coverage to its applicants, which can be very beneficial in the long run. The financial assistance and quality services offered under the CGHS scheme will benefit every citizen, whether you are a Central Government employee or a pensioner. In addition, the security of those who depend on you will give you peace of mind.


How do I get an e-CGHS card?

Serving employees or pensioners eligible for the scheme must submit a duly-filled application form on the sites. The condition can also be obtained from wellness centres.

What is the CGHS card?

A CGHS card is a plastic card provided to central government employees. It consists of a photo ID and a beneficiary ID number. Employees with the CGHS card can avail the benefits of the scheme by presenting it at an authorized wellness centre.

Who is eligible for CGHS in India?

All Central Govt. employees and their dependant family members residing in CGHS-covered areas.

What is the eligibility for joining CGHS?

Every Central Government employee (except Delhi administration and railways), including their dependant family members residing in the CGHS, covered areas.

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