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TNPDS Official website :

Tamil Nadu state follows universal TNPDS website where the categorizations like Below Poverty Line (BPL), Above Poverty Line (APL) do not exist. However, the TamilNadu government has discovered AAY and currently has 18, 63,185 beneficiaries of AAY.

Such an initiatory was taken in charge since poverty is a relative concept, there is no acceptable criterion or methodology for error-free reckoning, as the indexing method is also not free from defects.



Agencies involved in the TNPDS (Tamilnadu Public Distribution System) operation are

Civil supplies and consumer protection department:

Tamil Nadu government’s mission is to authorize all of the state’s consumer sections to get a deal in the purchase of goods and services in Tamil Nadu and to preserve consumer rights.

Tamil Nadu civil supplies corporation:

The Tamil Nadu civil supplies corporation brings up necessary goods from the Food Corporation of India and stores them in 226 godowns situated all over the state. It supplies all the food to the ration cardholders.

Food Corporation of India:

Food Corporation of India does effective price support operations for protecting the farmer’s interests. It distributes the food grains all over the country for Public Distributing System and regulates the market prices.

Cooperative societies:

These help to promote the goals of the government.

Women self-group:

Women of the same socio-economic status form a group of 12-20 members who come forward to work together for their own elevation. The government will help them by providing necessary sources to them which helps in their elevation.

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  1. Suggestions:
    1. Please ensure proper price list infront of ration shop. Every people will see what we have to buy and ..
    2. Some of ration shop privately providing(asking compulsory to purchase) grocery like roasted gram, Tea powder, soap etc.,
    3. Poor people struggling for that… Kindly rectify this…
    4. Our government always do best.. But intermediate officers supported that kind of unnecessary activities and spoiling government name…
    5. My humble request… Please rectify this and supervise all ration shop often…


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