How to change the address in the voter ID?

Change address in voter ID, A voter ID card entitles the holder to vote in elections and to elect officials to govern the country, make laws, and administer the national, state or municipal government. 

The Constitution of India grants the right to vote to all Indian citizens above 18, subject to certain restrictions. A voter identity card also serves as an official document to prove one’s identity and address.

Change address in Voter ID card 

You can use your voter ID card and an identification document when needed to register and vote in elections. For these causes, it is vital to ensure that the information on the ID card is present and accurate. 

If you’ve moved, for example, you’ll need to update your voter ID card to reflect your new address. You must count your name to the voters’ list of the constituency in which you are now residing and must withdraw from the list of the previous constituency. 

The Election Commission of India has made it easy to update your address on your voter ID card. Instead of filling out numerous applications to add your name, correct your address on your voter ID card and erect your name from your earlier constituency, you can now do it all in one form.

How to Change the address on the voter identity card? 

Changing the address on your voter ID card can be done by submitting the application form along with proof of your current address to the election officer of your constituency. 

Called a name change from the electoral roll, your name is moved from your old constituency electoral roll to the new one, keeping all your details intact.

You will also change your address and be issued another voter ID card. The Process can initiate online and offline, making it convenient for all voters who have changed their address to transfer their addresses on their voter ID card.

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Form for Change of Address in Voter ID Card

You can modify your address on your voter ID card by requesting a change of entry in the Electoral Roll. It updates your information on your voter ID card and the constituency voters list. 

While submitting this application, you must use Form 8A. You can find the online form on the websites of the Chief Electoral Officers of each State and Union Territory and the websites of the Election Commission of India.

These websites are also available for download. This form is also available in all election offices across the country. You will ask to submit your name, home, state or union territory, community and voter ID card number while filling out the form. 

You must also supply proof of your current address, such as a utility bill, passport or any other official document.

Step-by-step offline Process to change address in Voter ID Card

Transferring or updating your address on your Voter ID Card can be done by following the steps below: 

  • Collect a copy of Form 8A, Application Form for Transfer for Entry in Electoral Roll, from the nearest election office. 
  • Fill in the details like your full name, state or union territory, constituency, address etc., as requested in the form.
  • Attach proof of your current residential address like a copy of your electricity/telephone bills, bank passbook etc. 
  • Submit the form to the election office nearest to your place of residence. 
  • You will be issued a reference number which you can use to track the status of your Voter ID. 
  • They will verify your application, and after successful verification, they will issue your updated address to you with a printed voter ID card
  • You will also receive a notification regarding including your name in the electoral roll of the constituency in which you are currently residing.

Online Process for Change of Address in Voter ID Card

To make it more comfortable for voters to change their ID cards address, the Election Commission of India has also presented an online application process. To change your current address to your voter ID card, please follow the guidelines given below: 

  • Go to the authorised website of the Chief Election Officer of your state or union territory.
  • Select the “Online Voter Registration” option.
  • Select Form 8A from the choices provided, and then the online form will appear in a new tab.
  • Fill in the necessary elements like your name and address, state, constituency, and new address.
  • Upload a document stating your current address (like a utility bill, bank passbook, Aadhaar card or any official document)
  • Once you have supplied and uploaded the records, submit the form online.
  • You will acquire a connection number which you can use to track your application online.
  • After you submit your application, it will verify by the election authorities. 
  • After successful verification, you will receive your voter ID card with your current address.

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How to change the address on a voter ID card from one state to another? 

  • If you change your permanent residence from one assembly constituency to another, you must update the new residential address on a voter ID card. 
  • It would be best if you transfer your name from the voters’ list of your old constituency to the new voters’ list. 
  • Otherwise, you cannot vote in both constituencies.
  • Voter ID is not only your access to vote in national and assembly elections but also serves as proof of identity and address. 
  • Rather than applying for a new voter ID in a new assembly constituency, change your address on the voter identity card. 
  • Using Form 8A, you can apply for a change in your permanent address on the election card.
  • You can apply online at the NVSP website or visit the nearest election office in your area. 
  • You will need to provide proof of a new residential address as an electricity or gas bill.


1. Who can submit Form 8A? 

Anyone whose name is already on the electoral roll can submit Form 8A. 

2. Where to file Form 8A? 

You can file Form 8A at selected places where they had published the draft electoral roll during the revision period. It can also file with the constituency’s Electoral Registration Officer and Assistant Electoral Registration Officer. 

They had usually published the draft electoral roll at locations where polling stations had located. When the revision period is not on, you can file the form only with the Electoral Registration Officer (Constituency).

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