Kreupasanam Udambadi Online Registration & Candle Prayer

People who have faith in Mother Kreupasanam Udambadi are now getting the opportunity to pray online. People who want to pray online for the same will register themselves on the official website of Malayalam Kreupasanam Udambadi Online Registration. After registration, people can pray before Kreupasanam’s mother online. This process started during Covid-19.

Kreupasanam Udambadi Online Registration:

For online prayer, candidates write six prayers in the registration form. Your blessing had represented in six stone water vessels. These vessels use in the corner of Galilee.

People follow six vows for 90 days of devotion in these online prayers. You can visit the official website for these six pledges and get all the information.

You can register on the official website to get an online prayer facility. Once completed, the registration process officer will approve your request. After approval, you can get the email on your registered email ID. 

Today we will share details of Malayalam Kreupasanam Udambadi Registration Online 2023. You can also learn about the online services and their registration process on the portal. So read the article carefully. 

Overview of Kreupasanam Udambadi Candle Prayer Request:

Here is a perfect opportunity to pray online at the official website of Malayalam Kreupasanam Udambadi. The primary purpose is to control the crowd in the church and prove the online services to the people. 

People now register on the official website and send requests for online prayers. After registration, people will get the facility of Morning Prayer and evening prayer. You can also read online newspapers. 

Kreupasanam has been known for its work in Kerala’s coastal and rural areas over the past 25 years. A lot of activities take place here. Dr FR VP Joseph imparts knowledge on how we can improve our life. Jesus had dressed up in church, and people came to church for counselling and prayer.

The church office has launched a portal for online registration and prayer requests. Interested candidates who want an online prayer facility can visit the official website of Malayalam Kreupasanam Udambadi Registration Online for Prayer Request 2023.

Online Services under Kreupasanam Udambadi:

On the official website, there are many online services for individuals. Online registration for prayers is available on the official website: – 

  • You can also request online candle requests and evening and morning online prayer. 
  • They also have a YouTube channel there so people can watch their online prayer videos. 
  • Online Marian Covenant Prayer.
  • The official provides this facility to all types of people to enable people who know English, Hindi and Malayalam to make prayer requests in their language. 
  • Read the online newspaper. 

Steps to request Kreupasanam Udambadi Online Registration:

People need to register on the church’s official website to avail of the online facility. For that, there are some easy steps. For registration, you can follow these steps:- 

  • First, visit the official website
  • Then select your language on the homepage. 
  • A home page has opened. 
  • Here you have seen different menu options like a list of followers to attend the online prayer.
  • Select anyone you want, then click on ‘click here’.
  • Sign in with a Google account for that. 
  • You can also subscribe to the YouTube channel. 
  • Now YouTube brings you online services. Now click on the registration option. 
  • A new page had opened with the registration form. 
  • Write your prayer request on the registration form. 
  • Choose any one service such as Covenant Prayer, Kreupasanam Light a Candle Prayer Request and Online Paper Reading.
  • Enter your required information like name, mobile number, email id, and place and send a message for covenant prayer registration.
  • Then on the new page, there are six prayer request goals. 
  • Enter the necessary information and click on submit option.

Kreupasanam Udambadi Helpline Number:


How to light a Kreupasanam Udambadi candle? 

With a lighted candle, kneeling, say the Kreupasanam Marian darshan-intercessory prayer daily at 5.30 AM & the Covenant prayer after praying the Rosary on Wednesday and Saturday evenings. 

How can I renew my Kreupasanam online? 

Every morning at 5.30 AM, Kreupasanam Marian Apparition-Intercessory Prayer & Evening Rosary followed by Covenant Prayer. Continue the prayer for 90 days. By the powerful intercession of Kreupasanam Kripa Mother, you will get a miracle. 

What is the morning prayer of Kreupasanam Udambadi? 

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord be with you; Blessed are you among females, and blessed is Jesus, the fruit of your womb. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us villains now and at the time of our death. 

What are three powerful prayers? 

Prayer of Protection, A blessing of transformation, a Prayer of Restoration

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