Taj Mahal – Timings, Entry Fees, Location & Accommodation

Taj Mahal:

The Taj Mahal is a historical monument built on the right bank of the river Yamuna in Agra. It was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan to express his love towards his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. The actual name of Mumtaz Mahal is Arjumand Banu Begum. Shah Jahan named his wife Mumtaz Mahal, which means beloved ornament of the palace for her beauty out of love.

The actual name of Shah Jahan is prince Khurram. He was named Shah Jahan after ascending the peacock throne in the Mughal empire. Taj Mahal is one of the world’s wonders.

Taj Mahal

Where is the Taj Mahal Located?

Taj Mahal is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh in the city of Agra. In the western part of the Uttar Pradesh state in northern India, the TajMahal was constructed.

The Taj Mahal is situated on the bank of the river Yamuna. It is the southern part of the river Yamuna. On the eastern side of the Agra fort, about one mile away TajMahal is located.

Taj Mahal Timings:

TajMahal has been a tourist spot for decades. People come from all over the world to visit the Tajmahal and have a beautiful experience. Since Covid-19 has affected normal human life during 2020, the Mahal is close, and visitors cannot visit the Wonderful place for about a year.

After the situation had been getting normal, the Uttar Pradesh government decided to reopen the Mahal and allow visitors to have a wonderful experience. The visiting hours of the Taj Mahal are given below.

During Normal Days: TajMahal is open 30 minutes before sunrise and closes 30 minutes before sunset.

On Fridays: The Taj Mahal is close for visitors Fridays. Every Friday, Mahal is not open for visitors.

Notice: Every month, night visiting is available for the visitors on the five full moon days. i.e. two days before the full moon day and on the full moon day, and two days after the day.

Night visiting hours:

From 8:30 ppm to 12:30 pm on the five days every month. There will be eight batches every day during night visitings. For every batch, 50 members are allow. Time duration is 30 minutes for batch.

TajMahal Ticket: Mahal is one of the wonderful places in the world. Visitors can take the ticket for visiting the TajMahal offline or Online.

People can take offline tickets at different gates of the Mahal.

TajMahal Western Gate: Visitors can take the tickets at the TajMahal Western Gate near Saheli Burj.

The TajMahal Eastern Gate: Visitors can also take the tickets at the eastern gate of the Mahal.

TajMahal Southern Gate: Present there is no entry from this gate, and the only exit is permit.

Note: The tickets are issue to the visitors from one hour before sunrise till 45 minutes before sunset.

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Taj Mahal Ticket Price:

There is a large difference in the ticket fares based on citizenship. There are different charges given below.

  1. If the visitors are Indian citizens, the ticket charge is Rupees 50/-
  2. For the citizens of SAARC and BIMSTEC countries, the ticket charge is rupees 540/-
  3. For other visitors, the ticket charge is Rupees 1100/-.

The above ticket charges exclude the charge for visiting the main mausoleum.

If the visitors want to visit the main mausoleum, they have to pay rupees 200 extra charge.

No ticket fee is charge for children below the age of 15 years.

Taj Mahal Online Ticket: Tourists can buy tickets online for visiting the TajMahal one day before they visit the Mahal.

They can visit the official site of the TajMahal for booking the tickets online. To book the tickets online for visiting the Mahal, you can visit the official website of TajMahal. You can directly go to the official portal of the Taj Mahal by clicking here.

If the tourist book a ticket online, they can get a discount of rupees 5 for a ticket in case of Indian citizens and rupees 50 for Foreign tickets.

Taj Mahal Ticket Booking:

Visitors can book tickets for visiting different monuments across Agra city online through a single website provided by the state. The steps to book the ticket online through online follow the given steps.

Step 1: Visit the official website of the Taj Mahal or click here.

2nd Step: Select the monument which you have to visit in Agra city and select the date on which you are planning to visit the monument.

Step 3: Select the number of tickets and then pay the amount.

You can book the ticket only one week before the day of your visit online.

Accommodation at Taj Mahal:

Taj Mahal does not provide any accommodation for its visitors. Tourists who will visit the TajMahal can stay at any hotel room available near Mahal. There are around 250 hotels available for visitors to stay near Mahal in Agra.

Some famous hotels near the Taj Mahal are

  1. ITC Mughal
  2. Mansingh Palace
  3. Taj Gateway
  4. Clarks Shiraz etc.,

How to reach the Taj Mahal:

It depends on your start location. However, the point is that you should reach Agra city at any cost. From there, you can find several ways to reach the TajMahal.

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