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CSC has resumed the HDFC Bank Login process; whoever is BC of HDFC Bank CSP Point under CSC, so now HDFC Bank Login Mitra portal of CSC has started, you can quickly login BC. How to log in. What are CSC HDFC Bank CSP services? You will get complete information about it here.

Another good news has come for all of you CSC VLEs through CSC. Now HDFC BC points have started getting. And its work has been created in almost all places. So friends, here we will tell you some extraordinary things about the HDFC BC point.


Like where you can log in to HDFC BC Point and what services are provided to you in the BC Point dashboard. After your HDFC BC Point is activated, what services can you avail yourself of? We are providing you with complete information about this here, through which you can easily take advantage of the services of HDFC BC Login Point.

How to HDFC BC Login Point:

To log in to HDFC BC Point, you must go to HDFC BC Portal. You can reach HDFC BC Login Portal.

Remember, in whichever browser you are opening this portal. This website should add to the browser popup service. You may not access this website in your browser unless you enable a popup service for this HDFC BC Login. Setting up popup settings in the browser for this portal is shown below.

HDFC BC ID Deactivation Notice

I have recently issued a notification to all by the portal, which is as follows, all HDFC BC Login users are informed that please do your police verification on the Bank Mitra Portal to avoid deactivating your HDFC BC id. Upload the IIBF/IBA certificate copy. You are further requested to log in to KBS daily to prevent the deactivation of your banking services.

Note- You must upload your Police Verification and IIBF/IBA Certificate copy on the Bank Mitra portal. He helps you to avoid your HDFC BC login ID deactivation. You are further requested to log in daily on KBS to prevent the deactivation of your Banking services.

Browser Popup Setting for HDFC BC Login Portal

  • If you use a Chrome browser, go to your browser’s settings to allow popups and redirects.
  • Now scroll down the browser settings and click on the Advanced option.
  • Next, click on Content Settings inside the Privacy and security section of the browser.
  • Now on scrolling down, you will see the option of Popups and redirects, which are blocked for all websites by default; if you want to enable popups for all websites, then allow it, or you can ADD your specific URL.

HDFC BC Login:

When you open this website, a new popup will open before you, where you will see the login page. And click on SEND OTP. Now OTP will send to your mobile number. You must verify it by entering the OTP on your mobile number and login into your portal.

After logging in successfully, you will see some such services in Aadhar banking. These are the services provided under HDFC BC Login.

  • Balance inquiry
  • Deposit
  • Fund transfer
  • Mini statement
  • etc

CSC BC Point

CSC SPV has partnered with 42 banks to offer its kiosk banking services through VLEs nationwide. Now all CSC outlets can appoint as Business Correspondent Agents/Customer Service Points of these banks, and they carry out banking transactions on behalf of the bank.

Kiosk banking services through CSC HDFC BC Login

  • Account Opening
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Deposit
  • Money Transfer
  • Fund Transfer
  • New insurance schemes registration

BC Income, VLEs shall earn commission prescribed by the Banks on

  • Opening New Account
  • Every Cash Deposit
  • Every Cash Withdrawal
  • Money Transfer
  • Social Security Insurance and Pension Schemes or
  • Any other services offered by the bank.


How to apply for CSC HDFC BC Login Point?

If you want to become BC of HDFC Bank through CSC and have also passed the Bank Mitra exam, you must contact your District Manager for BC Point LAN.

Do you need a Bank Mitra Certificate to get HDFC BC Points?

If you are willing to take HDFC Bank CSP, you must have the BC/BF Certificate of Bank Mitra, which you can get by passing the IIBF EXAM.

How to make HDFC BC point?

You must visit the link in the above article to log in to HDFC Bank BC Portal.

Is there any fee to become HDFC bank BC from CSC?

No, there is no charge for availing HDFC Bank Points through CSC.

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