How to Check UK Visa Application Status?

The process of Check UK Visa Application Status is different depending on whether you applied inside or outside the UK.

Check UK Visa Application Status

Tracking your visa status can take a lot of work. This guide outlines everything you want to know about checking your application’s progress.

Check Visa Application Status inside the UK:

UK Visa Application Status

It is impossible to track your visa application online, but it is possible to contact the concerned department processing your application.

To check your Status, you can contact UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), the Home Office body responsible for processing visas in the UK.


You can question the progress of your application, but you will not receive information or advice about your circumstances.

The mobile number for UKVI is 0300 790 6268. The phone service is available Monday to Thursday, 9:00 – 16:45, and Friday, 09:00 – 04:30. Calls cost between 16p – £3.6 per minute.

Check Visa Application Status outside the UK:

If we submit our visa application from outside the UK, you must visit a visa application centre in your country.

You must submit your biometric details at your local application centre, but UKVI will decide on your application.

You can get UKVI for a decision on your application, but checking this information will incur costs.

If you want to contact them by mail, you can utilize this contact page to get in contact. You will be paid £2.74 for your initial correspondence and any relevant subsequent emails.

Alternatively, you can phone the English-speaking helpline at +44 (0) 300 790 6268. You can call the helpline from Monday to Friday, which is open 24 hours daily. Calls cost 69p per minute. 

What should you do to Check your UK Visa Application Status?

To track your application status by contacting UKVI, you have to provide the following information:

Your Case Identification Number or ‘CaseID’:

You should include it on all letters you receive from the Home Office, and it should be an 8-digit number, for example, 12345678.

Payment Reference Number:

Once you have submitted payment for your application, you will receive a payment reference number which you can use to track your UK visa application status. It should follow this format: AG1234567890/123

Your Unique Application Number:

It is a 16-digit number on all letters and emails you receive from UKVI.

Your Biometric Residence Permit Number:

Biometric residency permit number contains a combination of letters and digits that identifies you.

Your Immigration Health Surcharge Number

If you must pay the NHS Immigration Health Surcharge when you apply, you should receive a number after payment. It can be a combination of numbers and letters in the format, for example, IHS123456789.

Can I expedite my UK visa status?

If you use any of the following forms, you can get a decision on your visa within five working days. This service is applicable for the next tickets only:

  • SET (F)
  • Set (AF)
  • Set (LR)
  • Set (M)

You should download and fill out these request and payment forms from the Home Office. Only the first five requests received each day between 8 am and noon between Monday, and Thursday will be accepted.

This service costs £490 per person in addition to the main application fee. When people submit their UK visa application to the Home Office, one of the most irritating parts is the waiting time.

A quick search online for processing times for your specific visa will return very disappointing search results.

Reports from other applicants vary, from those who say they get approval in a matter of weeks to different accounts that visa applications take months and months. 


Can I track my UK visa application from India? 

You can track your Status using the reference number on your receipt issued on your appointment day. If you opt for SMS service, they will inform you about your application status through SMS and email.

How long does a UK visa currently take? 

The process takes 3–5 days for priority visa applicants, while for super priority visa applicants; it had expedited to one working day. 

Why is my UK visa taking so long? 

UK visa processing is a complex task, and there can be many reasons for delays. The most common reason for the delay is a problem with your visa application or a complicated situation. In such circumstances, it will not process your visa application within the normal, standard timeframe. 

How to Track Visa Status with GWF Number?

You must share your GWF number to check your visa application status with the UK Visa Service Center via SMS or email. The UK Visa and Immigration Department cannot provide you with an update on your visa status without the GWF given at the time of submission.

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