Telangana State Nirudyoga Bruthi Scheme

The Honorable Chief Minister of Telangana, K Chandrasekhar Rao, launched a scheme for the unemployed youth called Nirudyoga Bruthi. The objective of this Scheme is to provide a monetary allowance to the unemployed youth of Rs.3016/- per month. Nirudyoga Bruthi is part of the Party Manifesto release during the 2018 elections by the government of Telangana.

The Scheme is a good opportunity for the unemployed youth of Telangana state to take advantage of the allowance to enhance their technical, vocational, and soft skills for securing employment.

Nirudyoga Bruthi Scheme was announc in 2018, but the Scheme was implement from the financial year 2020-2021.

The Telangana government allocated Rs 1810 Crores budget for the Scheme, and the estimated monthly expenditure will be Rs 150.88 Crores.

As per the Telangana government, nearly 12 Lakh youngsters will benefit from this Scheme. 

Nirudyoga Bruthi

Nirudyoga Bruthi Eligibility

  • Nirudyoga Bruthi was applicable for the Telangana state unemployee youth and the permanent residents of Telangana state.
  • The allowance is only given to unemployed young people between 22 and 35 years old.
  • Candidates with Intermediate/Graduation/Diploma or Certified courses from recognized Universities are eligible.
  • People below the poverty line (which means the family income must not be more than 3 Lakhs) and having white ration cards are eligible for the Scheme.
  • Candidates belonging to the government pensioners are also eligible for the Scheme.

Not Eligible Factors for the Nirudyoga Bruthi scheme

  • People already working in private or government jobs are not eligible for the Scheme.
  • People who are self-employed or have businesses are not eligible for the Scheme.
  • A four-wheeler vehicle or a four-wheel vehicle registration is not eligible.
  • Those whose families have 2.5 acres and above agricultural land are not eligible.
  • Those who availed of a loan of Rs 50000 and above through a bank are also not eligible for the Scheme.
  • A person who is forbidden by law, suspended from a government job, or has a criminal charge is not eligible for the Scheme.

Documents required for the Nirudyoga Bruthi

  1. Valid ID proof
  2. Address Proof
  3. Date of Birth Certificate
  4. Annual income certified
  5. Caste & Community Certificate
  6. Domicile Certificate
  7. Employment Card
  8. White Ration card
  9. Bank account details

Registration & Application Process

  • The expected year to start registrations for Nirudyoga Bruthi Scheme is 2020.
  • The registration process is online, and eligible candidates can visit the official website.
  • The application link is visible on the homepage. Click on the link, and fill out the application with the required details.
  • The applicants must upload the required documents before submitting the application form.

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