EWS Certificate Eligibility & Application Process

Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) is a term used to describe a citizen or family whose income is below the standards set by the government. We can know about the EWS certificate validity, EWS certificate eligibility, application process, etc.

Income is a significant factor in determining a beneficiary’s financial vulnerability, among other factors. 

EWS Certificate proves that the citizen/household belongs to the EWS category and is receiving benefits.

Those who provide proof of income and property can apply for an EWS Certificate.

Economically Weaker Sections Certificate

EWS Certificate

The Government of India has passed a bill for 10% reservation for the economically weaker sections of Society to get government jobs and higher education.

They passed the bill in 2019. Beneficiaries in financially backward section administration can now follow the information provided in this article to obtain EWS Certificate.

We can also glean a brief overview of obtaining a certificate in each state from this article. Don’t forget to follow us for all the latest updates to apply for the EWS Certificate.

EWS Certificate Full Form

Applicants from economically more vulnerable sections of Society can obtain EWS Certificates.

The certification document provides legal confirmation to the applicant belonging to the EWS category of the Society.

The Certificate of Income and Property shall include confirmation from a competent authority disclosing that the person belongs to the EWS category.

Based on several criteria, the authority classifies an individual for EWS standards.


The objective of the EWS Bill is to provide opportunities for individuals deprived of the various facilities enjoyed by other communities in the community.

There is a lot of data about depressed people without money to buy food one day.

Most people in India were educated but did not have opportunities because their financial situation was not good.

The bill’s main objective is to help with a 10% reservation, creating the same starting point for the prevailing EWS and other community sections.

The certificate is available only to applicants belonging to the general category. Other castes are exempt from reservations.

Since the government intends to give reservations based on revenue, they passed a bill for 10% reservation for the EWS category.


The benefits of reservations are innumerable. Applicants can obtain an EWS reservation with a good income and property certificate.

Candidates can indicate the valuable benefits of the EWS/Income and Asset Certificate as given below.

  • The applicant can also benefit from various government schemes in jobs and education.
  • Reservation assists financially weak people.
  • The applicant is eligible for a 10% reservation on government jobs and higher education.
  • All major Central Universities under UGC follow a 10% reservation for admission of students from the EWS category.
  • The applicant can avail subsidy on schemes offered by State and Central governments.

EWS Certificate Eligibility

Below are the EWS certificate eligibility and Qualifications

Candidates who satisfy the following criteria can apply for EWS Certificate. Eligibility for the centre and state EWS certification is the same. The term family refers to a person who receives reservation benefits.

  • Must be General Category
  • Applicant’s Family Income Must be within eight lakhs per annum.
  • The applicant should not have 5 acres of land for agriculture.
  • The living area of ​​the applicant and their family must be less than 1000 square feet.
  • The residential area for the notified municipality sector must be less than 100 square yards.
  • For a non-notified municipality sector, the residential area must be less than 100 square yards.

Required Documents

The critical document the applicant requires for an EWS / Income and Caste Certificate is below.

Applicants registering offline must bring the following documents before visiting the concerned authority to obtain the EWS Certificate.

  1. Aadhar Card       
  2. Pan Card             
  3. Caste Certificate
  4. BPL Card             
  5. Bank Statement Income Details
  6. Affidavit or Self Declaration         
  7. Recent Passport size photo

EWS Certificate Application Process

Applicants can apply for EWS Certificate Application Form online and offline.

For the EWS Certificate application Online mode:

  • The applicant must visit the CSC centre through which the competent authority will apply for the certificate on your behalf.
  • After that, the applicant must visit the official authority for the certification process.

For offline registration:

  • The applicant should visit the Revenue Department in your area.
  • Get the pre-filled form and apply it to the competent authority in the office.
  • Do not forget to take the application receipt for the submitted application form.
  • For example, consider the state of Bihar, where the government has launched an RTPS portal that helps the state’s people by providing all essential documents online.
  • Applicants from the State of Bihar are not required to visit the concerned office to apply for the EWS Application Form.
  • So, the government plans to implement online services in all the states soon.
Track application status

The applicant can efficiently track the status of their application for the EWS Certificate through their state’s official Websites.

Indian Passport Renewal – Online Registration Process

How to log in to the official portal?
Economically Weaker Sections
  • Open the official link of the portal.
  • The homepage of the portal will then had displayed on your screen.
  • Click on the “Login” button.
  • The login form will open on your screen. Insert your information on it.
  • So you will successfully log into the portal.
Procedure to Unlock the User

Suppose the user is shut out of the unlock method and cannot verify your ews certificate data. In that case, they can unlock themselves by performing the following procedure.

  • Go to the official portal.
  • Search for the “Unlock User” link on the website homepage.
  • Click that link once you find it.
  • Insert your information as the user ID and Captcha mentioned on the screen.
  • Tap on the “Get Details” options and finally unlock the user.

EWS Certificate Validity

  • To ensure the EWS Certificate validity for a lifetime, Economically Weaker Sections must be renewed and updated within the given period.
  • The validity of the income and property certificate is one year.
  • However, the duration can vary up to 6 months for some selected states. The applicant must renew the certificates so that they are valid for use.
  • For states that offer an online portal for obtaining a certificate, applicants can easily renew their credentials by browsing the service portal.
  • However, the applicant must visit the competent authority to renew the EWS/Income and Property Certificate for offline renewal.

The reservation percentage prevailing in the Nation for different types of communities had prescribed below:

  • Scheduled teams Community (ST): 7.5%
  • Other Backward Classes Community (OBC): 27%
  • Scheduled Castes (SC): 15%
  • Unreserved (Not availing any reservation): 40.5%
  • GEN-EWS: 10%


Who is eligible for an EWS certificate in India?

 The economically Weaker Section (EWS) in India is a subcategory of people belonging to the Economy Based Un-Reserved Category having an annual family income less than RS8 lakh (US,000) and who do not belong to any category such as SC/ST/OBC across India, nor MBC in Tamil Nadu.

Is EWS eligible for a general category?

No, the EWS candidate, other than those recommended on General Merit, shall not be allowed to change their category from EWS to Unreserved/General or claim the vacancies (Service/Cadre) for Unreserved/General type after the declaration of the final result by the UPSC.

Is an EWS certificate proper?

The Supreme Court verdict enables people from the economically weaker sections of Society to get a 10 per cent reservation in educational institutions and Indian government jobs similar to the OBCs, the SCs and the STs.

What is family income in EWS?

For a person to come under the EWS quota, his or his family’s income should be less than Rs 8 lakh. 

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