SC Corporation loan in Telangana | TS SC Corporation Loans 2022

The SC Corporation Loan was set up in Telangana state in 2014. This Sc Corporation was start to help the schedule caste people to develop economically in the state. The main aim is to provide financial help to the scheduled caste people to create income and generate social and economic development assets.

The SC Corporation has made a web portal for operating all the services easily. SC Corporation has introduced the OBMS software with the help of the Centre for Good Governance.

This web portal helps the SC Corporation loan monitor and deliver various schemes for scheduled caste people. This online service will help the SC Corporation manage transparency and reduce duplicate applications.

SC Corporation Loan

SC Corporation loan applies Online:

The eligible candidates can apply for the various schemes on the official portal of SC Corporation.

Step 1: Visit the official website of SC Corporation or click here.

Step 2: Now, select the relevant option from the given menu, and you will be redirect to a separate website.

3rd Step: You can log in to the portal by entering login credentials on the next page.

Step 4: Fill out the application form and apply.

TS SC Corporation Loan 2022:

There are different types of schemes present in the portal for scheduled castes. The different schemes are give below:

  1. Self Employment Scheme
  2. Minor Irrigation Schemes
  3. Land Purchase Scheme
  4. Animal Husbandry Schemes
  5. Pavala Vaddi Scheme
  6. District Initiatives
  7. Beneficiary Awareness Programme
  8. Infrastructure Development

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SC Corporation loan in Telangana List 2020-22:

Different types of schemes under which schedule caste people can be benefitted are given below:

Government Schemes:

Economic Support Schemes(ESS):

These are the schemes introduced to generate income for the scheduled caste people.

  1. Petty Business: The beneficiaries get a 100% subsidy for this scheme. The maximum subsidy is up to 50,000.
  2. Skilled Category: Under this scheme, the beneficiaries will get the loan based on their skill. 50% per cent of the total target under the Economic Support Scheme is allocating to the trained candidates. The district-level committee will select the candidates.
  3. Unskilled Category: remaining 50% of the economic support schemes will be allocate to the unskilled Category. The candidates will be select by conducting grama Sabhas/ ward Sabhas. The subsidy pattern will be as follows: For a unit cost up to 1 lakh is 80%, and for a unit cost up to 2 lakh is 70%, and for unit cost from 2.01 lakh up to 12 lakh is 60%.
Eligibility Under self-employment Scheme:

Age Criteria:

  1. 21-50 years of age for non-agricultural schemes.
  2. 21-60 years of age for agricultural schemes.
  3. 18-45 years of age for skill development programs.
  4. 18-35 years of age for wage employment program.

Income criteria for SC Corporation loan:

  1. 1,50,000/- per annum for rural areas.
  2. 2,00,000/- per annum for urban areas.
  3. The government decided to reduce the income limit for the skill development program.

Preferred Conditions:

  1. Candidates with higher educational qualifications or having a specific skill.
  2. People who are applying for the self-employment scheme for the first time.
  3. Women beneficiaries have a 33% reserved quota.
  4. Persons with disabilities were given a 5% reservation.
  5. Only one person from the household shall be consider under the self-employment scheme.
SC Corporation loan Some other conditions:
  1. Every beneficiary should apply online from the OBMMS portal.
  2. All the beneficiaries must possess the documents required for the application.
  3. For driver empowerment, the beneficiary must have a driving license.

Land Purchase Scheme:

Under this scheme, the poorest among the poor women who belong to the scheduled caste will be provided 3 acres of land for one crop year with a 100% subsidy on irrigation and crop assistance.

Minor Irrigation Scheme:

The SC Corporation loan will irrigate the lands under the Land Purchase Scheme through bore wells, open wells, or canals with 100% subsidy.

Crop Assistance:

The SC Corporation will provide crop Assistance for one year for the land under the Land Purchase Scheme.


The women beneficiaries were also given power connection to the lands under the Land Purchase Scheme to provide irrigation.

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Skill Development Programmes:

A web portal is given to the youth to develop their skills and gain employment.

Driver Empowerment Programme:

The SC Corporation loan has taken this program with UBER and OLA.

Innovative income-generating and Group Program:

Mini Dairy (pilot project):

Under this project, the loan is sanctioning mini Dairy for the people living in rural areas and having half an acre of land on their own.

Under this pilot project, the beneficiaries will get the unit cost of 4 lakh rupees. 2.4 lakhs as subsidy and 1.6 lakhs as loan.

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